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Up In Arms

February 3, 2009
So many people are outraged about a woman electing to have eight babies, knowing she has six children already, no baby daddy and her parents done went and filed bankruptcy (what does one parents have to do with anything unless you are from a privilege family that can bail you out of ish)(the use of ish, instead of shit, because it makes the snobs all angry and ish)(Because not everyone on the net has been privy to the great white middle class education they had, and if they did, they would probably be humble enough not to demand that others conform in order for the great white middle class not to be troubled with figuring out what them there low life’s are trying to express.) Tsk TSK!.

Yet not a peep of disdain from the great patriarchal media machine when females at birth are sought after for their uteruses, —-with a vengeance. “Just wait until I get a hold of your uterus. You will be sorry then! YOU! YOU! YOU! UTERUS having females (at birth)!

Who will pay for the babies? She won’t pay her taxes, just like those Democratic politicians. (It is always just an honest mistake, until that is, that honest mistake is committed by someone other than a precious rich politician.) She will expect welfare, just like Wall Street and all those fat cat bankers whose hands are stuck out for a big fat piece of the Obama’s stimulus pie, or as I call it, making his friends rich just like George Bush did.

Awww pipe down. Six of the eight babies are boys, and there is no daddy to fight custody over, so less of a chance for a poor mistreated man (MRA) to take his frustrations out on a little girl and throw her off a bridge during morning rush hour traffic. Because we all know how tormented he must had been.

Poor thing.

It was probably the economy that made him do it.

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  1. MargaretJamison permalink
    February 4, 2009 4:45 pm

    Seeing as how the only people I’ve ever heard use “ish” in place of “shit” are black people, I’d say certain folks’ disdain for the word betrays not a small bit of racism. Of course, when black people coin a new term it’s automatically considered slang. When white people do it (or when they steal, co-opt, and re-appropriate nonwhite people’s “slang”) it’s called a neologism, and it’s so kewl! and hip!

    And, well, you know how I feel about theft of uteruses and ova. But you’re right that people would offer more support to a man having 6 babies with somebody else’s womb than offer to some women (ie, “undesirable”) just having one or two.

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