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Hallmark Shamelessly Pits Mothers Against Mothers

February 10, 2009
I saw a pathetic Hallmark commercial last night. Three young girls are sitting at a lunch table. The first girl shows off how her mother decorated an apple with cute hand made hearts for Valentine’s Day. Then, the second girl reveals how her mother cut her sandwich in the shape of a heart. Last, the third girl, oh so smugly pulls out a singing Hannah Montana card. The other two girls recoil in defeat. What a privilege world television portrays.

What is a decorated apple and a creatively shaped sandwich compared to a store bought Hannah Montana Valentine’s Day card?

Hallmark is a hollow and heartless business capitalizing on the alleged mommy wars. The much-fabricated war perpetuated by people who shame women with children for going to work, and in turn shame women with children for staying-at-home, and in a combination move, shame women with children for working and playing the role of a stay-at-home mom (a role creative by who/what?). Of course whose to say, which of the girls mother stays-at-home and which goes to work? There is no evidence. But that is the nudge-nudge, wink-wink, isn’t it. Society conditions us to believe the children who are treated better have mothers who stay home, and mothers who work neglect her children. Even it if is not a nudge-nudge, wink-wink situation, do not fret, because the superwoman trope has already been defeated as well. So, if all of the mothers work, or if all of the mothers stay at home, there is a loophole that will provide criticism. Nothing is as fun as insulting mothers (women) —-while making a buck.

Nevertheless, what message is Hallmark conveying? Store bought gifts are superior to handmade gifts? That working mothers who make 73 cents to a man’s $1.00 can have her revenge now. She can show those nasty-stay-at-home mothers! “Take your heart sandwich you little tart and shove it, my baby has a Hannah Montana card and it only cost me one hour of wages!”

All the while, we know what is being said behind the working-mother’s back, and I am not alluding to what the stay-at-home mothers are saying.

  1. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    February 10, 2009 11:09 pm

    I received an email from Hallmark claiming the ad has been pulled. Let’s hope that the replacement is better.

  2. Anna permalink
    February 13, 2009 12:13 am

    Oh really? They actually responded to complaints? Wow. Every holiday season they are responsible for some of the sappiest, problematic commercials on tv. Did you ever notice how, in their commercials, when someone opens a card there is only ever a signature? Never a personally inscribed note?

    I could go on.

    Anyway – I am a working mother who is giving her child a handmade card for valentines because she is counting her pennies. Hallmark may make of that what they will.

  3. JaneDoeThreads permalink
    February 13, 2009 5:29 pm

    Expect more of this, but worse. Are you aware of what is going on with women centered economy and fair trade with this CPSIA LAW? Homemade is being criminalized, we got a one year stay but even with that, we still are being forced to shut down, eventually UNLESS one has the thousands and I do mean thousands of dollars to do all the testing for lead and phalates.

    Kitty you might not be aware but this is effecting Books too, all books published Prior to 1985, to children/for children, it is as of Feb 10 ILLEGAL to sell or distribute them, period.

    Unless each page is tested for lead. There is a lot of confusion but summing it up, there are far leftist [Stalinist] groups and the Congress [majority who voted to push for this law were Dems] are die hard insistent on prosecuting any who sell/distribute books not tested, on the CPSA and Public Citizen they have declared that any who protest this law are just selfish whining women/capitalists who care not for children’s health, etc.

    Its just unreal, Oh, books can be sold ONLY if they are vintage and only to adults–its a clever form of CENSURSHIP, and its been done via backdoor, with little attention and a lot of false information, the throwing the bone to evade the issue, why many don’t even know about this.

    [it gets worse when one looks at the Orphan Works Bill which will strip us of all individual ownership of any intellectual property]

    Its Stalinism 101, and a very Misogynist Stalinism–a Corporatist,

    of course, what is to be expected is that the CPSIA has bent over backwards with lead testing Corporations such as Interteck that are doing mass testings for of course, China,

    where we will be now forced to buy all children’s clothes, toys, items from [and Thailand, etc where they have not only the highest concentrations of lead in the air but where products are mass produced].

    This law is forcing out slowly the fair trade Autonomous industries, many of them of course by women, for women, as well as forcing consumers to buy into the whole global corporate market.

    Demonizing women/men who work in traditional or cultural ‘crafts’ and arts. Including writing,

    the law is in no doubt in my mind the most Misogynist piece of legislative shit that has come out of Congress,

    [it gets better though, the Stimulus package, giving government the absolute say so on how you will be treated medically-they can deny treatment, and senior citizens it is writting out, are sick due to old age and its a waste of monies to treat them–let them just die–well Kitty, we KNOW who the majority of senior citizens are-WOMEN,

    now under our new Authoritarian gov those women are deemed nothing more than parasites who suck up the medical care.

    Isn’t that nice,

    and of course, women who knit or crochet or sew either alone or in coops for eco consumerism, for empowering other women, to combat sex trafficking in other countries, why they are just uncaring selfish profit driven folks who care nothing for children therefore government must do all in their power, Public Citizen and USPIRG, etc., to shut them out and Force them into the new progressive buy from China/Mass Market.

    [I sent them a letter, asking them if their billion dollar STD prevention stimulus is just to cover the fucking johns when the brothels go soaring in this country as they are in Europe and worldwide}

    anyway, if you want to know just how Bad this is getting,

    read the forum here [its easy to read]

    so many still do not know and it is Shocking, to say the least. Especially what is happening to government taking absolute control over books.

    also this blog is posting about it and other laws that are working to destroy every bit of women’s autonomy there is

    so, in closing, expect to see more ads such as the Hallmark,

    remember, the stimulus package also game millions to Hollywood–what people miss, is that who Loans the money is the one who gets the Control,

    what you bet, we will see the film industry as nothing more than a propaganda machine by government–and films are going to change. A lot.

    And I bet, I’d be willing to put money on it, we will see fewer if any films once Gov has that control, showing women in any empowering roles or individuals fighting the tyranny–what we will see is the blind obedience to the Magistrate.

    “democracy dies…and there is thunderous applause”

    “rendering them incapable of decision–ripping out the souls of children” a.k.a. forced illiteracy and gov control of access to children’s books/information

    [Star Wars/Golden Compass–the books, not just the movies]

  4. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    February 13, 2009 5:56 pm

    Anna, they didn’t respond to me personally. It looks as if someone googles their name and look for criticism. The exact letter I got, I found someone else who wrote about them received as well. It is damage control.

    American Express and El Pollo Loco have been to this blog before too, but no email from them. I think they set up a computer looking for what is being said about them, then from there they decide if they want to explain themselves or not. It is very sinister like. Very keeping the bottom dollar up front.

  5. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    February 13, 2009 5:57 pm

    JaneDoeThreads, thanks for that informative comment. I hope as many people as possible will read it.

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