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Axe Needs The Ax

February 19, 2009

(You may need to turn off the playlist to hear the video)

A young woman (who refers to herself as a girl) whispers in a pig’s ear, “Find me a dirty boy.” Dirty boy? I got news for her, one does not need a pig to find a “dirty boy,” literally or figuratively. The bastards are everywhere, mainly hosting blogs pimping porn on the Internet. The pig races through the mall destroying ish before jumping onto an unsuspecting dirty boy playing a video game. A gang of young women commence to washing his nasty hair (Without his consent. Wow, don’t you love the “ironic” reality reversal in the name of harmless advertising. Let me spell it out for you: A gang of boys girls assault a girl boy, doing to her him what needs to be done to her him, while other girls boys look on in horror, as in, it may happen to either of them next. Of course, we could just blame it on the pig alcohol, drugs, youthful indiscretion, peer pressure ). Then the protagonist girl announces on a mega phone that 94% of girls don’t like boys with dirty and greasy hair. And the victim is left standing there rubbing his hair looking like, “I’m not sure what happened to me, but, I think I like it.”

Hmmm. So, not only has the bar been lowered so low that the pussy is just thrown at the menz in the name of my pussy is empowering me, now, when the menz aren’t even showing an interest in women, women are out there preparing the menz for women. Or, when women are not showing interest in the menz, the menz go out there and take women. Simulating rape. Right. Not funny. Not clever. Not cute.

  1. Hegleah Marita Doyle permalink
    February 19, 2009 10:18 pm

    “I got news for her, one does not need a pig to find a “dirty boy,” literally or figuratively.”

    What gets me is that even on top of all the things you noted, the girls/women are still in the commercial solely for “hawtness/buying this product will get me a hawt girl,” value. Grr.

  2. Anna permalink
    February 20, 2009 1:15 am

    Who thinks this stuff up?

  3. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    February 20, 2009 3:16 am

    What gets me is that even on top of all the things you noted, the girls/women are still in the commercial solely for “hawtness/buying this product will get me a hawt.

    I know right. It is all about the hawtness. And don’t forget how it is taken for granted that girls can “assault” boys, and it should be okay. Got to keep the old let’s just flip the script and everything will be okay narrative going.

    Who thinks this stuff up? Who thinks this up? (said in that Al Pacino voice, Are you talking to me?) I will tell you who thinks it up. Little twits like those two boys groping a cardboard Clinton cut out. They are so inundated with rape culture, thus has accepted it as reality, that it comes out in their thoughts and they can’t see it even when the scenario plays out verbatim.

  4. Hegleah Marita Doyle permalink
    February 20, 2009 3:56 am

    Little twits!!!!!!! Lol. So perfect. Yes, they both remind me of my brother his freshman year of college. Yet they are, dare I say, old enough to know better. And I think that woman in the back knows it too!

  5. Hegleah Marita Doyle permalink
    February 20, 2009 4:03 am

    And yes the assaulting is done tongue in cheek, both implying that a gang of women could not hurt a lone male, and that even if they could, the male would still like ittttt…

    And yet the ways males talk about sex, I have heard them talk like that, and it makes no sense. Like when there is a news story about an older woman sexually abusing younger boys, there is always the narrative that he must have wanted it. I think it is either a throwback from the good old Grecian days (hint hint nudge nudge), an unwillingness to see themselves as vulnerable, or an actual desire to fuck whatever whenever, regardless of mental preparedness (this I seriously doubt)

  6. MargaretJamison permalink
    February 20, 2009 12:28 pm

    Oh, I don’t know Hegleah, unless we’re talking about pre-pubescent males here, I’m willing to assume that in most cases the boy doesn’t mind. I don’t know if that’s because boys have been brought up to want it, though, or if it’s because of the fundamental difference between penetrating and being penetrated.

    The commercial is pretty typical of Axe, though. Some boy is always being pursued by a group of girls/women. Wasn’t there one with a whole bunch of women/girls in bikinis chasing a lone Axe-wearing man once? Men keep insisting that women become like they are – sex-hungry and aggressive (on cue anyway) – with very little thought given to them calming the fuck down about it.

  7. Hegleah Marita Doyle permalink
    February 20, 2009 1:25 pm

    First thought: Hegleah, who is this Hegleah character! Hem.

    Second thought: I don’t know either…

    Third thought: it is funny that they always try for such ridiculous reversals. They are always using that to excuse rape. Like oh, she orgasmed, so she really wanted it. Oh she’s a “slut” she wanted it all the time. I think this was true even when they were trying to say we had no sex drives at all. Morons.

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