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Both Videos Suck

September 15, 2009

Just read Violet’s entry about the West, Swift, and Beyonce’s egofest, and must comment. Actually, if the comments were focused on toasting West, I would not bother, but the comments turned into pitting one woman’s work against the other.

Sorry, Beyonce’s video may be considered more in your face sexuality/sensuality, but I don’t see how her message is any different from the message Taylor Swift’s video is sending. Both are advocating heteronormative coupledom. Both female protagonists are making themselves available for a man. Beyonce’s protagonist guarantees submission (he may have some not a cold dead fish ass) to a man, when he puts a ring on it, and Taylor’s protagonist guarantees the nice and appreciative girlfriend/wife who will not bring any drama (in other words, submission) if he were to just open his eyes, —which will of course lead to him getting some ass.

  1. September 16, 2009 7:39 am

    Oh, poor, poor Miss Taylor. Someone informed her that she might not actually deserve her accolades. Who knew video awards weren’t doled out based on merit? She must be *so* disillusioned.

    For crying out loud.

    I have to be honest here. The only problem I have with any of this is the fact that Beyonce took responsibility for Kanye’s statement. None of it had anything to do with Beyonce, but she stepped up as mommy to both the misbehaving Kanye and the sniveling Taylor, just like white men would have black women do.

    I haven’t been able to stomach the entirety of either video, so I do agree with your assessment of their inanity, Kitty.

    • September 16, 2009 1:52 pm

      I left a comment on WAOD regarding Beyonce playing mammy and it was not published. It was not her duty to clean up his shit, nor should she have made it her duty.

      Basically we have here, a jackass (quoting o holy one Obama, yes, there is audio, I suspect he will be apologizing soon) who loves to play the part of whistleblower, tell it like it is, don’t let no one fuck over anyone Mister Man, telling the world which video he prefers. And which video is that? The one that the woman is coming straight out and saying here is what you get for this price. Nevertheless, the other one is saying the same thing, just using a different method. Both reach the same conclusion, —-they are available to give the man some ass.

  2. atheistwoman permalink
    September 16, 2009 3:24 pm

    Yes. And Beyonce is held to a higher standard than both of them. How exhausting.

  3. September 18, 2009 8:56 pm

    Instructions for Anti-Feminists

    1. If you don’t like what is written here and feel the need to tell us what should be written, feel free to start your own blog and write what will make you feel all warm inside. Blogs are free. Somewhat passed their heyday, but free nevertheless.

    2. Being a feminist does not mean being unfeminine. If only. Where have you been you stupid idiot, there are millions of so-called feminists everyday talking about the feminist virtues of pole dancing, stripping, wearing make-up, getting plastic surgery (including implants) and “subverting” the patriarchy by demonstrating by all outward appearances, a very feminine countenance.

    3. Pull your head out of your ass. If you want to suck dick, nothing I can say on this computer can stop you. Unless of course, your conscious is fucking with you. If that is the case, that is a battle between you and yourself.

    4. Please try to keep up with what I have said and what are the words of my co-blogger. Although, I don’t denounce anything she has said.

    5. Fuck off.

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