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Rope Is Just Too Much, But Secret Videotaping is Not

September 18, 2009

Everyone is going on about how a woman recanted an accusation of rape. They are saying how she has ruined it for all the real rape victims. How rape victims will never be believed again. How men should be assumed innocent at all times because this one woman recanted her story. I got news for them, that is how things have always been.

The woman recanted her story Wednesday after authorities told her that part of the incident was recorded on a cell phone video, Rice said.

“That was when she began to tell the truth,” she said.

See, her recanting her story is a great crime. However, being secretly videotaped is not? If she only recanted when she learned of a video doesn’t that imply that she had not consented to a video.

It is against the law to report a crime when none occurred, Rice said. Authorities gave no indication whether the woman may face charges.

Will there be charges against the person making the video without consent?
Then there is the matter of several men (at least more than two) willingly engaging in sex, one after the other. So what? She is a tramp, whore, slut, and they are not what? Nasty bastards?

“Her actions and her demeanor depict a very troubled young woman in need of much help,” Rice said.

Hofstra University has suspended her pending hearings into the matter.
Only one of the four accused is a Hofstra student. He has been allowed to return to campus. None has publicly described what happened that night.

She is suspended. He is not.

But the humdinger!

“We respect women,” he said. “We know how to treat a lady. The thing they said with the rope, come on. That’s disgusting. That’s what we were looked at as: disgusting men.”

In asshole land, secretly videotaping and group sex are considered respectable actions.

  1. September 18, 2009 8:55 pm

    Let’s see, uh, ruined….what, the otherwise great time of having been “really raped?” Ruined the otherwise justice-filled-outcome that “real rapes” so thoroughly enjoy? Seriously with the she-ruined-it bullshit!

    Also – I’m not on board with assuming her recanting of the charge is about it not-being true, but even if that were the case – it’s great how people want to attack somebody who at best has genuine emotional and psychological problems. The fact that she may well have been raped, and people know that full and fucking well, they just are happy for any “legitimate” excuse to attack a woman if they feel they can get away with it.

    And, if males did not pre-hate and pre-feel-disposed-to-rape women, no amount of “false reports” would have any effect whatsoever on “real rapes” or their outcomes. So people can cut the shit with pretending like there’s any relation between the two.

    Finally – someone took pictures of me when he was sexually assautling me, with rope and a soda bottle. If I was told “either he gets to do this once a year again for the rest of your life, or the pictures get circulated,” I would need no deliberation time at all. Thanks everybody out there for assuming that the only reason someone wouldn’t want video footage “released” is because it captured something consensual. Fuckers. All fucking fuckers, all of them.

  2. September 18, 2009 11:14 pm

    Joan, I’m really sorry. God. Of course, you’re right that whatever ruin could have been wrought on the state of affairs for rape victims has already been wrought a million times over. And it wasn’t women who ruined it.

  3. September 18, 2009 11:19 pm

    Thanks, Margie, although, guh, I wish I had written TRIGGER FUCKING WARNING before typing that so matter of factly. (I know you’ve said you don’t need trigger warnings but I just don’t like the thought of being callous towards anyone else, I don’t know.)

    I should have said also – I am clearly not screaming or flailing in the photos either. Guess that’s proof that it was consensual. So sorry to ruin it for all the real women whose assaults were turned into amateur porn.

  4. ybawife permalink
    September 20, 2009 2:38 am

    It is always big media hype if a womon is accused of falsifying a rape allegation…makes greater headlines than any other form of rape….it is all rape…the degradation of womonkind by any means necessary . Here in UK many womon have been sent to jail for this…..imagine…and the diatribe that follows is relentless total character assassination. The patriarch takes care of his own, no matter how vile the rape and denigration heaped on womon…..what ever the circumstances the womon must take ALL the responsibility and social and well as private blame and shame…..and is pornified into the bargain with the devilmales….

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