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Men Being Men, “What’s a purple doughnut?”

October 6, 2009

The little MTF-Fs just will not leave our blog alone. One would think that one would ask oneself why they are drawn here like a moth to a flame. I shall tell one. It is because you know, deep inside that you are suffering from delusions and you want help, you want a revelation, and you can feel/sense that it will come from us. We don’t sugar coat or lie here. You are delusional. You need help, and not help from patriarchs who want to practice their butchery and their sadistic psychology on you, but help from people who will show you reality.

Ever heard of the list of eponymous laws? Unfortunately, I must cite wiki, sorry. Anyway, when I learned that some little MTF-F weirdo from “spies for the patriarchy” was lurking around and trying with his widdle fingers to leave a comment, I could not but help to think of the internet’s version of Poe’s law. You know Poe’s Law?:

Poe’s Law refers to fundamentalism and the difficulty of making a parody of it without it being mistaken for the real thing, since both parodies and fundamentalism are so extreme.

It also works in multiple directions, for example: An over-the-top fundamentalist rant can be mistaken for a parody by either moderate conservatives or liberals, while an intentional elaborate parody can be found supported by hardcore fundamentalists.

Awwwww, “Spies for the patriarchy,” Satire or an acknowledgement of reality? Can’t tell because to me, MTF-Fs are one in the same, spies for the patriarchy and of the patriarchy. Either way, he is clearly not someone who has our best interest at heart. And he expects us to worry about the menz first. According to him, only if we submit first to his way of thinking will the menz take us seriously. Because you see, nothing is ever serious or understood unless men deem it to be so.

….I have a suggestion if you want anyone to take you seriously or understand your “separatism” doctrine: try to understand other people and sympathize with them before you demand that others do the same to you.

You see the male-born privilege in the comment don’t you? The comment should have really been written as such: “If you bitches don’t suck our dicks, we will keep dismissing you and coming here and telling you that we are dismissing you, even though you fucking bitches have already dismissed us. Damn it! We should have the power, not you, we were the fuckers born with the dicks and being all benevolent and shit and threatening to cut them off.”

Glendower and Jamison’s law– At any given time a tranny-twit comes to Arooo and complains about Arooo’s intolerance, he is in fact attempting to exercise his own male born privilege. Therefore, he shall be talked about mercilessly and laughed at indefinitely. However, out of basic human compassion we may direct him to The Limp Bizkit Principal:

The simplest truths meet with the sternest resistance. For example, Limp Bizkit (the band of which the law is named) is often decried and lambasted across the internet, but at the same time they have sold millions of records. This would not be possible if every one was speaking the truth.

Then we have the delusional MTF-Fs coming over from and gawking like we are giving away free breast implants. A forum that only welcomes people under 50, because you know, they need to get as many young delusional men as possible to aid in their mass delusions. Instead of admitting why they want younger men in their ranks, instead of cynical old men who have learned already that their little homemade earring hole will never pass as a real vagina, they claim it is because of potential older and younger generational conflict and intimidation. “And people in different stages of life tend to be very different. And that often manifests itself in conflicts between different priorities.” Uh, whatever. I call bullshit. You mean if the older MTF-Fs were around, the promise of fabricated functioning Bartholin’s glands, smooth silky pussies with authentic orgasms (vs. the sensation from senselessly ramming a prostate until it has a spasm) would be brought home to the whippersnappers ears thus causing them to turn away in droves. It is just a surgically cut space for you boys, sorry. No throbbing, self-cleansing, beautiful, silky vagina. And here is a clue that they will not tell you neophytes, —it is deception, plain and simple. To not tell a man that you were born a male is deception. To not tell a woman that you were born a male is deception. No one is obligated to aid in your delusions. Your deceptions are not excusable.

More to come……..

  1. October 6, 2009 10:40 pm

    Exactly Kitty. They do seek out the places where the truth is being spoken. I think they do so more to snuff it out, though, than for their own good. They’re so annoying. I’m especially annoyed by the concern tranny, who comes to tell us that we’re being “transphobic,” but that there’s still time to save our souls and get on board with their rhetoric.

  2. October 6, 2009 10:44 pm

    the concern tranny


    • kamododragon permalink
      October 8, 2009 3:34 pm

      I know. LMAO!

  3. October 7, 2009 1:06 pm

    Oh, and, yes, the deception. It is taboo – taboo I tell you! – to ever say anything at all about how deception is lying, and lying sometimes has consequences. I honestly can’t figure out why it is I’m supposed to care at all about some lying tranny getting his ass kicked.

    And, yeah, Kitty, maybe the men they’ve lied to don’t know the difference between an inside-out dick and an actual vagina, but that has more to do with men’s misogyny than it does with anything else.


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