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Breast Implants and Suicide

October 7, 2009

Do you know that a study claims that, “Women who get cosmetic breast implants are nearly three times as likely to commit suicide as other women.”

Why would something that is supposedly so empowering lead to suicide?

No notable increase was seen in the first 10 years after surgery, but 10 to 19 years after, risk was 4.5 times higher, and six times higher after 20 years, compared with the expected suicide rate. Researchers say it’s not clear if the increase was the result of underlying psychiatric illness.

Could the “underlying psychiatric illness” be the culture that advocates for implants?

Why do you suspect women with implants are killing themselves at a greater rate than women without implants?

  1. Mary Sunshine permalink
    October 7, 2009 8:50 pm

    Well, 10 to 19 years later the woman is significantly older, and thereby seen as significantly less fuckable-desirable. Since she got implants for the reason (presumably)that she felt that she was not fuckable-desirable enough at that age, she’ll feel irredeemably less fuckable-desirable a decade or so later, no matter how much she keeps enlarging her breasts.

    It’s scary how the mainstream just doesn’t offer and encourage girls to feel or perceive value in females other than fuckablity and porn identification.

    If the breast-enlarged woman feels herself to be hopelessly marginalized where she wasn’t before, I can see that leading some women to feel there is no existence for herself anymore. This is so very sad.

  2. October 7, 2009 11:55 pm

    It is sad. And what’s terrible is that you’ve got the tranny males going on about how opposition to breast implants is “transmisogynist,” with plenty of female people following suit. Never mind about the plain old female-hating misogyny that underlies pro-breast implant ideology.

  3. October 8, 2009 12:02 am

    Plus one must remember that breast implants are NOT permanent. They usually have to be replaced with 10 to 25 years. Funny how the the suicide rates is somewhat related to the the time when implants has to be replaced? I can see where a woman 20 years older, with leaking implants but cannot afford to replace them or has other medical issues preventing her from getting a replacement might become depressed.

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