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Christopher Savoie: Whiner of the Week

October 20, 2009

Christopher Savoie Talks About Japan Ordeal


“Well Bill, what I’m not telling you is this. I lied to my ex-wife when we were married. I told her that I loved Japanese people and I loved Japan. I learned the language and told her our children will grow up to know and love their Japanese culture. What I didn’t tell her when I persuaded her to come to America after our whole marriage had been in Japan, was that I had another woman, a white woman waiting to marry me. I did not tell her that I was just trying to get her and the children on U.S. soil so I could treat her like shit and take the children away. I did wait at least a week after we were in America, long enough for the jet lag to subside to tell her I wanted a divorce and expected full custody of the children. Although she did not know the language and did not have any American friends I assumed she would shut up and be a good little Japanese woman and let me come and go whenever I wanted to. How dare that fucking cunt take the money I gave her and take our children back to Japan where I cannot rain my mighty white American imperialism all over her! The Japanese are a cruel race, a cruel race I tell ya!”

  1. October 20, 2009 5:12 pm

    I wish he would just shut the fuck up. He could be rotting in jail right now, but instead he is back in the U.S. begging for hero points.

  2. not ya mammy permalink
    October 20, 2009 5:37 pm

    Oh dear… First I’m hearing about this. BTW: loving the blog! 🙂

    What scum? What absolute and complete SCUM we have here… of COURSE ppl should feel bad for him! omg how dare anyone stop a white person from doing whatever the fuck they wish, especially white men.

    I mean really, you bring your wife and children to a foreign country, knowing she doesn’t know the language… to divorce her for a white woman (don’t get me started @@) she leaves with her children for ALL of their safety, you hire thugs to go with you to her country, track her down and snatch her children away from her, and you’re the victim?

    Goddess take the wheel!

  3. October 20, 2009 5:38 pm

    God, all males do is whine – when they aren’t raping or otherwise screwing over women, that is.

    • not ya mammy permalink
      October 20, 2009 5:45 pm

      ain’t THAT the truth!?

  4. not ya mammy permalink
    October 20, 2009 5:43 pm

    Are either one of you “dreamgirl” in the comments? lol She is hitting them HARD like you wouldn’t believe on the ignorance and complete foolery in defending his abduction of Noriko’s children? To hell with all that dual rights crap… men can have rights to children created of their biological matter when THEY are the ones doing the carrying, and birthing! When THEIR BODIES are the ones put in danger and at risk of complications etc. When THEY’RE the ones who have to nurse, and deal with postpartum depression etc etc.

    Until then, STFU, you have no rights over any woman when it comes to her children. Most often when ya wanna run off with your new mistress the responsibilities of caring for the children will be hers anyway… Not to mention this dickhead in particluar demanded that she grant him full custody… she was expected to surrender her rights as their mother, why is that ok, but it’s so inhumane to demand that the father surrender his “rights” to the mother?

    I’ve got a simple solution for all of this… WOMEN STOP HAVING KIDS WITH THESE FUCKERS! Heteronormativity is a danger to women and children as we see here.

    • October 20, 2009 5:55 pm

      I’m not Dreamgirl. And I had not read the comments until now. I do think it is funny how she uses the word translation in the same way I did. It just fits. You know everything out of his mouth has an opposite meaning. Also, I don’t know why I even care about this story other than the very sight of that man repulses me for some reason. Everything about him is yuck and reeks of entitlement.

      I think that comment about him being a professional hypochondriac is hilarious. What a way of getting out of taking care of your children when they get sick if you claim that when they are sick it automatically debilitates you. HAH! What a lazy slob.


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