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Chicago Police Are Full of Shit

December 7, 2009

When I wonder why the Chicago police did such a horrific job tracking down 12-year-old Jahmeshia Conner, I look at her photograph and try to imagine where the police’s indifference comes from. The police force is and always has been predominately male and depending on the location, white. Regardless of what individual officer (black or white male, black or white female) is doing whatever case, the mentality is that of white males. And the Chicago police force is not fooling anyone by putting Police Department spokesperson Roderick Drew out there to calm the people down.

The Chicago police did not give a rats ass about Jahmeshia Conner. If the Chicago police cared about the welfare of Jahmeshia, why didn’t they immediately check to see if a media alert had went out? Drew cannot say if there was an effort to send alerts to media outlets by e-mail or not because last month the department was supposedly experiencing computer problems. Because, you know, since the invention of email, the telephones have been ripped out of every police station in Chicago, all mobiles have been commandeered, and the roads to the news stations have been opened to everyone but police officers. If there had been an investigating officer assigned to Connor’s case, wouldn’t he or she had noticed right away if there was an amber alert, or if there were fliers posted about? That is, if they were actually interested in finding Connor.

The police were not distracted from their flavored coffees until someone found Jahmeshia Connor’s dead body in an alley. She was twelve-years old. A 5th grader. Not a runaway as police assumed, as if, if she had been a runaway she would not be worthy of being sought. Since when can a child of twelve consent to anything, much less running away? Nevertheless, Jahmeshia was not a runaway.

Here is the most horrible part; Jahmeshia was alive every day of those two weeks but the last one. That’s right, every day. Her lifeless body was found just one day after she was strangled. For those long two weeks, Jahmeshia was more than likely waiting for the police to come save her, the way they do on television.

Instead of utilizing resources to search for missing children such as Jahmeshia, since November 2008, the Chicago Police have spent at least $2.2 million to safeguard Obama’s empty house. You know, the house that Obama only paid $1.65 million for along with the $104,500 he gave to the crook Tony Rezko for the adjoining piece of land.

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  1. atheistwoman permalink
    December 7, 2009 7:04 pm

    That makes me so damned angry. The Obama thing is the cherry on the angry ice-cream sundae.

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