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Who Should Be Raped and Murdered Then?

March 4, 2010

No female should ever be raped and/or murdered. Females should be able to go jogging, walk wooded trails, go to and from work and be unmolested. The problem is not women doing what they want to do when they want to do it, but men doing what they want to do. Males want to rape and murder females, so they do. Instead of sending those men to their deaths (or cut off one pound of flesh a day until they die), people, particularly fortunate white and white identified people just want to leave the rapist-murderers to menace the less fortunate. As long as the murdering rapists are elsewhere, the fortunate do not care who is being raped and murdered.

“Nobody’s safe. Nobody’s privileged. Everybody’s vulnerable,” said Coleen Huang, 48, who has walked the trails for years. “This was so extreme. A girl living in a gated community. The all-American girl, attacked out in broad daylight, on a run.”

Saying, “I’m not privileged” is the liberal white-ies way of meaning exactly what the conservative white-ies mean when they proclaim, “I’m not racist.” It means they are racist and classist and want to get theirs and the hell with everyone else. Or as in the case of Huang’s quote, “Nobody’s privileged. Everyone’s vulnerable” means, “Damn, our money does not insure that criminals limit themselves to less fortunate areas?” No one in the article talks about how men need to be stopped; they just reiterate how rape and murder should not happen in their community.

It is horrible horrible horrible that Chelsea King was raped and murdered. Also, more than likely it will be discovered that the same thing that happened to King happened to Amber Dubois, a 14-year-old girl who went missing after doing nothing but minding her own damn business and heading to school for the day. John Albert Gardner III, a strapping corn fed looking white boy raped and murdered Chelsea King. There is no way around it. He did it. Of course, his defense attorney (more than likely a judge will assign a female public defender so it will appear fair) may conjure up some lie such as he happened upon her lifeless body and “had sex with it,” in an attempt to explain away his semen. Because, you know, what harm is there in taking the opportunity to “have sex with” a lifeless body. As wild as that assertion sounds, there will be someone on the jury who will give it a reasonable doubt ponder. Nevertheless, Gardner should be spat on and done to as I already noted above. A piece of his body should be cut out/off each day. The wounds should not be dressed and he should be left to die of blood loss and/or infection,—whichever comes first.

Whenever I see the words “gated community” I want to read one thing and one thing only, and that is a criticism of privilege. To read how gated community members feel betrayed because they were not protected against the miscreants, does nothing but show me how there are people who are fine with horrible things happening to other people, just not their people.

— has shaken people in a place where many felt sheltered against the grimmer side of life.

I don’t care, just take it elsewhere!

At the park, at prayer vigils and at schools throughout this upscale northern San Diego County community, emotions were still raw — a sense of anger, sadness and, most of all, shock that a sex offender tucked away in an anonymous subdivision could pierce their sense of security so profoundly.

I don’t care, just take it elsewhere!

Poway, a self-styled “City in the Country,” is the kind of place where families move to avoid crime. The schools are among the best in the county. Narrow roads loop around the hills and gated developments that attract some of the county’s wealthiest residents, including baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn and football star LaDainian Tomlinson.

I don’t care, just take it elsewhere!

Many residents said the family [of the murderer] didn’t deserve any sympathy, and criticized law enforcement officials for failing to keep Gardner away from their community.

I don’t care, just take it elsewhere!

The judges, prosecutors and police followed the letter of the law but failed in their moral responsibility, said James Fisher, 59, a real estate consultant who lives near the park. “We know there aren’t enough people to monitor the activity of these offenders. We’re not stupid, but we are extremely disturbed and frustrated.” [James Fisher feels like it is a moral responsibility for the police to protect the more fortunate. Does James Fisher protest when crimes occur in less fortunate areas?]

I don’t care, just take it elsewhere!

Poway High Principal Scott Fisher said people felt that Gardner was able to spend time in the area because of a weakness in Megan’s Law. [So exactly what area should Gardner be allowed to spend time?]

I don’t care, just take it elsewhere!

“You should be able to go out and jog at 2:30 in the afternoon in our own community. We’ve got to do something about this law because for our kids, their lives have changed forever,” the principal said. “We think there’s a loophole in that law that has got to be closed.”

I don’t care, just take it elsewhere!

  1. joankelly6000 permalink
    March 4, 2010 7:43 pm

    Blargh, I just deleted a rant about how I agree with this post, but my rant was pompous and self-righteous. Not that I am allergic to public displays of either, as history, recent and otherwise, bears out! Just got tired myself reading over it and thought “probably this is tired, then, as a rant.”

    One thing I did want to add also, though, is that along with designating *other* people as the proper targets for predators, with all the “omg it happened HERE!” stuff, it also invisibilizes the fact that plenty of male predation goes on inside gated communities as well. Most of the harm that comes to female people from males, comes from males inside their own families (be they blood families or fashioned-families [husbands, etc.]). So really it would be more accurate for people to be like “oh my god it WASN’T dad?! what the eff is this world coming to!!” when a stranger rapes and murders women or girls.

  2. March 5, 2010 3:02 am

    Damn straight, Joan. The media never talks about fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins raping/murdering. I guess the logistics of creating a gated community intended to keep *them* out, though, would be a bit overwhelming.

    And, Kitty, I do so wish people would be more honest with themselves. Instead of just saying, “we’re all at risk,” or whatever, they should say, “In a just world, we rich folks would be completely safe from the dangers facing poor women, instead of only partially safe from them.” Fucking assholes.

  3. March 5, 2010 4:11 am

    “I guess the logistics of creating a gated community intended to keep *them* out, though, would be a bit overwhelming.”


    And I am feeling the same thing about the kind of people who think it’s an injustice because It Happened Here that I used to feel when talking about some male/female stuff. Which is to say, I feel like for me to say what I have to say, I have to issue a disclaimer first that states how I wish none of their daughters got raped and murdered either.

    But it’s bullshit. There is nothing in those news articles and quotes that include people making disclaimers aimed at soothing the feelings of poor black girls, for example, as they focus on wealthier white girls.

    [And fucking sidebar: also I never hear it talked about that the murder part, when it comes to young women of the class Chelsea King was in, is often a conceal-evidence-that-would-get-me-in-trouble move as much as a thirst for blood, and that while there are PLENTY of black girls and women who get raped and murdered the same way, there are also black girls and women for whom ongoing rapes and molestations by strangers are not considered crimes that need to be concealed. Such girls are “spared” the murder part, by being forced to live in the continually raped part.]

    Back to the disclaimer thing, I always used to feel like – okay to talk about why it bothers me to see the young black lesbians in New Jersey made monstrous in the media and then disappeared as they went off to serve jail terms, while people trekked across the country to support and free young black males, I have to stress that it’s not my wish that people refrained from caring about those young men. Or when I talk about violence towards female children, I felt like I was supposed to stress up front that I don’t feel apathy towards male children who get harmed, before I went on to say what I actually have to say.

    And it’s just ludicrous. If my saying “female people, black female people, poor female people matter to me and what’s happening to them is directly related to what’s [not] happening to male people, white female people, rich female people” translates to “oh my god she hates whiterichladymen!”, then people should ask themselves who’s *really* the one supposedly pitting one against the other.

    I don’t know why I felt compelled to go on that rant. It just bothers me that we really are expected to not ever just say “this hubbub around Chelsea King sends a direct message to all the female people who live in the opposite of gated communities” unless we preface it with “what happened to her is of course horrible.” Well and the sky is fucking blue, what other obvious things are we supposed to state before we’re allowed to just fucking care about people that much of the world does not care about, and fucking say so?

  4. atheistwoman permalink
    March 6, 2010 2:31 am

    Comments like that just sound like privileged women stealing the idea of feminism to hide their racism, sexism, classism, and privilege. Nothing could be less feminist than how she really feels, which you put so aptly Kitty:

    “I don’t care, just take it elsewhere!”

    I can’t exactly speak from a high horse on this, but someone needs to tell those gate-community ladies that their metaphoric fly is down.

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