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Open Thread 48

April 9, 2010

  1. April 9, 2010 5:51 pm

    April 9th sounds like a date I should be remembering for some reason. Alas, I cannot think of anything.

    ETA: Today, the 9th is the day Dworkin died.

  2. April 9, 2010 6:07 pm

    So I had this gift card from Starbucks since Christmas. It was only $25 but I’ve been trying to boycott that place. Today, this morning, I decided to use it. I always order my drink extra hot because if you don’t you must drink it right away or it will be ice cold by the time you get around to drinking it all. I have a lot of car time, that’s how I do so many audio books, and I like my coffee to last. Anyway, the worker was so lazy. Lazy is what popped in my mind. Her voice was lazy. She did the whole lazy thing you know “Hello welcome to Starbucks would you like to try _____________________________ [some whatever muffin or sandwich they have too many of and pushing at the moment]? No thank you says I. Then she goes on to ask with breathless aggravation in so many words, “What the fuck do you want then?” Well not exactly but that is the way it felt. The drink I order normally comes with whip cream. I go without so I say no whip cream. The first red flag that they are going to fuck up your order is when they do not show the order on the screen (I was in the drive thru). I asked if she could repeat the order back, because gift card or not $4.90 for a coffee, I should get a great coffee, one to my liking. That means no whip cream and extra hot. With all the effort in the world, she repeats it back, blah blah blah, extra whip cream and not a mention of the extra hotness. I tell her no, no whip cream and it needs to be extra hot. I mean come on. I don’t care, I just don’t care about people who jump in and say you should be so sweet to people who work these jobs. I am paying (gift card or not) $4.90 for a cup of coffee, get the damn thing right, by at least setting the process up properly for the person making the coffee. Sheesh. This is where the word lazy came to my mind. I was thinking, LAZY LAZY LAZY! And then you know what? I get to the window, and the woman is FAT! Oh, goddamn! FAT! FAT AND LAZY. Well, the lazy came to mind before I ever saw her. Anyway, I didn’t go off or anything, I just asked if my order is correct and I asked why wasn’t the order on the screen. First she said, it is never on the screen. That is a lie. Then when I said, no, the order is always on the screen, she said, well I don’t know why it is not on the screen. WTF? So here is where I threw in a little comment that I normally would not throw in, but for some reason, I did. I said, “my order better be correct.” I laugh now, because, it is like, what am I going to do if it isn’t. Damn, if I don’t get 20 minutes down the road and find out my fucking order was not correct. So, I call the store. I just want her name to go on the letter I am writing. The store manager answers and insists I tell her all about. I get the usual song and dance. Oh, we never get any complaints about Lily. Blah blah. Finally I was like you know why? Because people just take it, that’s why. I’m not going to spend $5 for a cup of coffee and get lousy service on top of it. She kept wanting me to come in from some free coupons. I told her NO NO NO NO NO. I don’t want fucking free coupons. Why should I have to drive 20 minutes back to get free coupons just to subject myself to future abuse? I just want what I paid for.

  3. April 9, 2010 6:40 pm


    That is a jaw dropping video!

    I do know who Williams is and I am very familiar with the Cheetah Girls. I have to say, Williams always appeared uncomfortable or I should even say left out with the Cheetah Girls. There was always the whole Raven Simone is the star and of course the other two are white. I am afraid Williams has failed victim to the “video ho” route. She wants to be an individual but probably the only option presented to her was to play the “ho.” I was so proud of Keke Palmer and her mother when they told Disney no, that Disney was not going to “urbanized” her. The way Disney likes to do their “ethnic” stars, –see Vanessa Hudgens. Nick picked up Palmer and she did not have to play the role of a “ho,”— see True Jackson, VP. Although that show she is on is sexist as hell. The same as iCarly and all the other teen bullshit on Nick and Disney. But back to Williams, that is just a damn shame. A damn shame. That woman needs to go sit down somewhere and have a real long think.

  4. Mary Sunshine permalink
    April 9, 2010 7:24 pm

    I’m gonna live in that beautiful empty room for a while. 🙂 (desktop background …).

  5. April 9, 2010 7:56 pm

    Kitty, I waS just gonna say that about Dworkin.

    Spending the weekend being silly as all hell with my momma. Might invite my aunts over and make it a REALLY silly weekend.

    • April 9, 2010 8:23 pm

      Have fun this weekend.

      That Dworkin thing was hanging on the tip of my tongue like an aggravated taste bud. LOL! Finally, I was like, let me go see what the misogynists are saying about us now and someone was yapping about Dworkin and it triggered my memory.

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