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Christopher Savoie Still Whining

May 10, 2010

As I was eating my Mother’s Day dinner, no, I don’t celebrate by default, it simply is what it turns out to be, I find it terribly commercial, unlike how I can engage a favorable cognitive dissonance when it comes to the jolly days of Christmas, and waiting for PBS’s Foyle’s War (I have time, thus, I will vent now), Dateline, in bad form gave airtime to none other than that crybaby male cracker of the century, Christopher Savoie. Yes, that whiny little prick that I wrote about previously. Badly done Dateline/NBC. Putting the fact that I don’t really believe in Mother’s Day aside, I must acknowledge that the larger part of the American population does, hence, the bloody cheek NBC demonstrated by placing a “father’s” story front and center on none other than Mother’s Day. Way to go you fucking assholes.

And Meredith Vieira, —whatever. Go put some underwear on.

Nevertheless, Savoie is still going on with his big ol’ pantomime of purpose.  Translation follows:

“Boo hooo hoo, I cheated on my Japanese wife with an American white woman in Japan after I became a Japanese citizen. I cheated for years while we lived in Japan. I learned the language. I embraced the culture, well, as long as it contributed to making me feel like a king. Then when I got enough of skulking about behind the rows of Japanese knotweed with my mistress I packed the Japanese wife and kids up and moved to the great state of Tennessee. Once there, barely a week, barely enough time for Noriko and the children to acclimate, I ran to the good ol’ white bread patriarchal courts and asked for a divorce . I knew they would understand. I broke off a little cheddar [money] to Noriko and assumed all would be well. Because being the white American male prick [dick] that I am, I assumed that Noriko would just take it [my dick] in the ass and like it. Yes, I had no doubt that Noriko would play the role of mother to my children and allow me to come and go as I please [fuck other women]. Then, to my astonished surprise, one day, ol’girl up and took the children back to Japan. That’s right. Where in the hell did she get the gumption? I thought I had her under control. Actually, if I bother to self reflect I may realize that I don’t care one iota about my children, really. Really it is all about that cunt trumping me.

Meredith honey, you seem like a nice sympathizing white woman, could you please tell me why people keep wishing I would have had a revelation during the recent floods here in Tennessee?”

  1. May 10, 2010 3:06 am

    I really cannot stand this man.

  2. May 10, 2010 11:04 pm

    “I really cannot stand this man.”

    🙂 Kitty, gir-r-rl I love your honesty!

    I must have been living under a rock (more likely sleeping when these morning shows are on – they get on my nerves these days) because I’d not heard about this story. I followed the links and I’m thinkin’ you’re right on point with this one. But you know America/Americans are gonna side with him on this thing with that whole, “Damn foreigners!” state of mind that continues despite all the post-racial, melting pot, “We are a global society” bullshit they keep spewing for show.

    And the white mistress for whom he left the wife – who is now the wife – has the nerve to say shit about her concern for her “step-children??” She obviously didn’t give a shit about the step-children before she became the wife! People kill me.

    Hope the daughter and grandbabies are well.

    (P.S. I’m with you – she seems nice enough but, “Meredith put some drawers on!!!” 😦 That’s just nasty. I watched that video of her visiting The View. When she sat down on the couch Indian-style, all I could think was, “Can you imagine the smell???” TMI, I know – but damn! A crotch-seam collects all kinds of shit!!)

    • May 11, 2010 12:05 am

      It would be different if he was say a David Goldman. If so, I could at least be compassionately indifferent. However, Dateline and other news agencies have had the nerve to compare the two cases. There is nothing similar about their cases. Not that I have any particular love for Goldman, but at least I am not creeped the fuck out when I hear about his case or see him on television, and it is not like I would have a problem if Goldman got his boy back. Naturally, I am not going to abandon putting women first over the male Goldmans of the world. At least he does seem genuinely concern about his child. Unlike Savoie. There is something fraudulent about Savoie and my skin crawls every time I hear anyone pleading his case, especially him. I can see him becoming one of those MRAs who push misogynist agendas under the ruse that he has been abused by a woman and then the system. All the while he is just pissed that things did not work out the way he felt entitled. Yuck.

    • May 11, 2010 12:32 am

      Oh, and, I love talking for people I don’t like. The words just roll off my tongue.

  3. May 11, 2010 1:16 am

    Thanks for fixin’ that Kitty.

    Goldman! That’s the guy I was thinking about whose wife took the son to Brazil and then married a Brazilian guy who, with his family I think is keeping the boy away from his birth father, right (guess I could just follow the link to confirm)?

    We both know the reason they’re comparing the two cases, white-is-always-right men involved ( wonder what Ann Curry’s thoughts were as she introduced that story?). Sad thing is, with the “weight” (and I use that word loosely – they’ve been tap dancin’ on my last nerve since the Changeling appeared on the scene too) of the US media behind him, he’ll get plenty sympathy here.


    “Oh, and, I love talking for people I don’t like. The words just roll off my tongue.”

    And you’re pretty good at it too!

    • May 11, 2010 3:06 am

      MRAs =Men’s Rights Activists. They are these men, who are incredibly sexist and who complain that the courts abuse them when it comes to their children. As if a disproportionate amount of men don’t get custody when they bother to ask. Actually, more times than not when the bastard seeks custody he gets pretty much what he wants. I have a neighbor whose daughter flip-flops (literally) from Monday to Monday. One week with mom, one week with the prick father. Guess what, the child goes to school in the town where dad lives, so, mom has an hour drive each morning and afternoon when it is her week to have the child. This is all because when it is 50/50 dad does not have to pay any child support even though a room must be maintain for the child, in other words, a two bedroom instead of one. And of course the week he has the girl she is dumped on her new step mommy. A hostile relationship because the new step mommy has a new kid, a boy. Yet these MRAs will cry as if the courts are against them. When most of the time the little quibble they have is not being able to have full custody of their children after abuse has been proven and/or there is enough circumstantial evidence to rule with prudence. Oh but they will wail wail wail. Many of them will even quit their jobs. You know, I am not 100% sure, but I want to say Miss look at how great I am because I played a white woman savior of the world Sandra Bullock helped her hubby annihilate his ex-wife when it came to fighting custody. That shit just has a way to come around and bite you in the ass, don’t it? But, not yet, because right now Bullock is riding on the wave of poor me, I turned a blind eye to all of Jessie’s racism and he turned around and cheated on me with a Nazi. Even sweaty fuck Alec Baldwin threatened to become an MRA. He threatened to quit acting all together and fight for the poor oppressed fathers. This after he was busted on a recorder calling his daughter something horrible, was it fat pig or something like that. But, I guess the thought of making a bullshit patriarchal virility laden movie with Meryl Streep was too much to divert him from his day job and join the MRA brigade. At least that is for now. Give ol Alec a few years, he may revive his MRA career after all. Asshole.

    • kaze111 permalink
      June 9, 2012 12:06 pm

      I just found out about this case and thought husband is so mess up.I heard Japan signed on a global child custody treaty in 2011 do this give a advantage for chris taking kids back u.s?And i wanna know what the issue going on now.

  4. May 11, 2010 1:54 am

    Went to the link. And even though I have a modicum of respect for Hill, this bothers me:

    “A child belongs with his family, and there is no reason why David Goldman should not get his child back,” Clinton said in a recent interview on NBC’s Today show.”

    The child IS with his family – his mother’s family. Yeah I know it’s the step-dad who’s raising him, but HER FAMILY is there too, no? That sticks in my craw. The child didn’t make this mix, the parents did. The child has “family” on both sides and IMHO, he should know both (whether they like each other or not). Her parents should think about that. And so should he.

    But then we have this little wrinkle:

    “I don’t question the biological right,” he said. “The fact of the matter is that in order to be a parent, you have to be more than just a DNA donor, Mr. King. Fatherhood is not about making home movies and taking pictures, it’s about sacrifice. It’s about providing support to your child. It’s about being there even when you’re not there.

    “And Mr. Goldman, while Bruna was still alive, failed to do so,” Ribeiro said.

    Goldman visited his son for the first time in more than four years last month…

    I don’t know all the details, but if what Ribiero said is true, that once she went to Brazil, and before she was remarried – he did, or attempted nothing – until she married the new guy, that gives me pause.

    • May 11, 2010 3:12 am

      Your above comment was in spam. Don’t know why.

      Yeah. It is that, “I don’t give a rat’s ass until another man comes along” that reveals. I will have to check how old this story is, because I thought that Brazil finally gave up the boy to his father. Let me go look around. ETA: Added link.

      See I was totally indifferent to Goldman’s case, now, you done made me pissed off. Yes, I would like to know how worried was he about the child before she got a new husband. And, I know a case personally. This man I worked with didn’t give a damn about his wife or children until she met a man (German) on line. Then he kicked up a stink. Even though they already lived in different states and he always whined about not having money to see them (only two states over) he made a case that he would never be able to go to Germany. Hell he was never able to go to Idaho. What’s the difference? Nothing. He got pissed because she had a new man. And her children may learn (if it worked out) that their father was a bigger loser compared to the new loser.

  5. May 11, 2010 5:22 am

    I wondered what happened! I hit submit, but I didn’t see it. Okay, got you on the MRAs (I’m a little acronym-challenged sometimes). Some are bad, some are good I think (Yeah, I know – “There she goes again.”). Sad thing is, in these circumstances, nothing good comes out of it either way – for the child. I think men and women are pretty fucked up where that’s concerned. Look at the little girl you talked about!? Back-and-damn-forth weekly? How can that be good for the child? What fool judge okayed that?? I tell you, we human beings have lost our damn minds. :smdh:


    “…Miss look at how great I am because I played a white woman savior of the world Sandra Bullock…”

    Chile you are too funny!

    “That shit just has a way to come around and bite you in the ass, don’t it?”

    Yeah, she got “blind-sided.” 🙂 (Sorry, couldn’t help it) That “poor me” shit is just that – shit. No way she didn’t know about all that Nazi/racist shit! I had that same “white woman savior” aversion to going to see “The Blindside.” Don’t want to see it. Then! In the midst of all this Hiel Hitler shit – she unveils the new “accessory” (sooner than planned I’m sure) on the cover of a damn magazine??!! See what I mean? What about the damn child?? Lawd, people get on my nerves!

    I think you’re right about that annihilation of the ex-wife. I seem to remember her on The View talking about it. Same with Baldwin, they played the saved phone message of him calling her a pig on the air. Hell, based on the message, thatgirl-child was already fucked up – now she’s got a TV clip of it for posterity. That damn Barbara Walters gets on my nerves! And ask me if I care whether Baldwin’s acting or not. People are way too full of themselves.

    Didn’t mean to get you warm about Goldman. Like I said, I don’t know the whole story. But I don’t think this Ribiero guy just pulled that out of his ass in court. What I found most interesting at the link (thanx for looking that up!) , was this:

    “Levinson and others also say that citizens of both countries ought to be asking to what extent politics have interfered with the law. Lawmakers in the US House of Representatives passed a resolution this year asking Brazil to return Sean. New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D) last week delayed the renewal of a $2.75 billion trade deal that would lift tariffs on some Brazilian exports, citing the Goldman case. “

    First of all, what the hell is Congress doing getting involved in this particular case? And second of all, when dollar bills are involved – everybody caves don’t they?

  6. soulsis permalink
    May 11, 2010 4:36 pm

    Only white people and white identified blacks buy into that sandra bull. No way in hell she didn’t know her soon to be ex husband was a nazi loving racist.

    And that goddamn “circle of life” photo op with her newly acquired black male tolken made me wanna hurl. The only time black children matter are when they’re males that can be used to enhance a white persons image. People are cooing about how she is helping an underprivileged black child in the middle of her taudry breakup from homeboy like she’s a damn saint. Notice she didn’t adopt a black FEMALE child… nope, a male. Ya know black men have it so bad, worse than anyone. (Please note the sarcasm)

    She knows what she is doing.

  7. Anonymous permalink
    October 1, 2010 12:08 am

    This guy sits 3 rows in front of me in law school. I’m staring at the back of his bald head right now. You think he is bad on national television? Try sitting in class with him 2 nights a week for a total of 8 hours. He actually solicited our class for money so he could ‘go on Larry King Live’. Right dude. Because after paying my own tuition, I have excess cash to fund flirtation with fame.

  8. Anonymous permalink
    October 1, 2010 12:56 am

    Uhm yes. In fact, we cannot stand him. He asks ridiculous questions ALL the time. Look, in law school, if the professor wants to hear from you, he will call on you so zip it. And you can be sure that almost all his questions begin like this, “so…lets say you are in prison in Japan after trying to rescue your children, it’s not me…I have a friend who this happened to..” RIGHT.

    In other related news, he is currently, right now, at this very moment wearing a t-shirt that says “Worlds Greatest Dad”. Just sayin.

    • October 1, 2010 4:16 am

      What a privilege fuck. Doesn’t he have a PhD already? Now he is in law school. Used to, someone like him would be talked about like rotting fish for taking a seat from someone more deserving. I guess now that schools are all about making money they do not care whom they give a seat to as long as they can pay.

      Regardless, I like hearing about shit like this. Because I can just imagine how someone like him is on the brink of explosion. A ticking time bomb. He was born with so much entitlement that he cannot even see straight. Everyday of his life will be directed at fixing the “injustice” that he suffered. No one, NO ONE will ever be able to relate to his woe because no one, NO ONE can possibly know the pain that he has felt. In his mind, everyone should stop what they are doing and come to his aid. I bet at night when he closes his eyes to sleep before he nods off he fantasizes about the day he will be in court facing down poor Noriko. She will be in the witness stand as he employs his endless superior wit and hammers and hammers at her until she cracks into tears confessing how she was wrong all along and he was right and she drops to his feet and begs for his forgiveness. The court reporter will have tears streaming down her face as she pumps her fists in the air. The judge, jury, Noriko’s lawyers, INS, FDA, ATF, FBI, bystanders and reporters from around the world including stanky Larry King will cheer and Christopher will be carried out of the court room on the shoulders of some burly bailiffs to the outside steps where his children will be waiting for him with a dozen of red roses and a tee-shirt that says, “YES DAD, YOU ARE THE GREATEST! Before they can slurp down their first Starbucks as a nice and picture perfect family, he will be on the phone trying to get John FUCKING Hamm to play him in a Lifetime movie.

      Then his partner in crime cheating ass wife will wake him and tell him that he has elbowed her one times too many while he was spanking the monkey, –in his sleep.

  9. Katydid permalink
    November 19, 2010 2:42 am

    Wow! Interesting conversation from the law student who said Savoie is in her/his law class. I was on a blog about this case a few months ago, and the pro Christopher Savoie crowd was in the minority. In fact, it sounded like the main pro Savoie commentators were possibly Savoie and his second wife. Oh, they tried to use different monikers, but it was obvious it was the same person(s). One commentator called himself “Future Lawyer” or something like that. As if people couldn’t guess who this was when Savoie was well known to be in law school!!! All commentators on that particular blog had tags that said what city and state they were posting from. “Future Lawyer” was posting from Franklin, Tenn. of course. It was laughable when he started threatening certain anti-Savoie posters with lawsuits for slander. Funny thing is that some of those anti-Savoie posters were in Japan and Franklin, Tenn. It seems like “Future Lawyer” must’ve known them personally. What an asshole! Like people weren’t going to know who it was. LMFAO!!! “Future Lawyer” and the stuff I read here just confirms my original opinion of Savoie. An arrogant, asshole!

  10. Katydid permalink
    November 20, 2010 3:00 am

    Yeah, and I forgot to add that the commentator “Future Lawyer” claimed to know some inside info. on the Savoie case too. Again, it wasn’t hard to know who this probably was.

  11. anti-Christopher permalink
    November 20, 2010 9:38 pm

    The reason the Japan crowd hates this guy is because they can read the Japanese news. They know that just because he was let go doesn’t mean the j cops don’t have evidence against him or that they can’t put him away. That’s why he can’t go back to japan even though he’s “Japanese”. The j cops would reinstate the charges and throw his fat ass back in jail.

    It wasn’t reported in the U.S. Press because the morons got their story from a Korean American CNN reporter who hates japan and is sympathetic to adulterers because she herself was persecuted for it… Fired from a previous job for sleeping with a married boss.

    Anyhoo, what the U.S. Press didn’t report, but the j press did, was that Christopher got together a bunch of thugs from his startup, rented a generic white van (the vehicle of choice for kidnappers worldwide it seems), and ambushed his wife and kids, where he and his thugs held down his wife with a full Nelson like headlock and forced the kids into the car, inflicting minor scuffs on the ex-wife and kids due to the struggle.

    MRAs always publicly support the dad, no matter how much of a scum he is, no matter what they do, except in the following cases:

    1. Physical or sexual violence or abuse
    2. Drugs
    3. Incarceration.

    That’s why Christopher cut a deal with the j cops (get outta dodge and never come back if they let him go). If it had gone to trial the facts would have been formally put on the table, and Christopher would’ve run afoul of MRA rules number one and three.

    The Worlds Greatest Dad thing plays into his Messiah Complex. Just like he thought he could single handedly Rambo his kids back into his possession with force, he thinks that he and he alone is going to save all the precious children of the World with his legal wizardy. Now, all the legit left behind parents (men and women) are horrified at the prospect of this man self anointing himself as their legal representative. This is a man who can’t control his rage on Blogs, a man who, against everybodys advice and judgement, attempted and failed to get his kids by force. He’s a loose cannon and he’s just going to fuck things up with his amateur hour lawyer-isms and his unchecked temper for the legit left behind parents of the world.

    Christopher is the villain, folks. Don’t let CNN and Larry King and redneck news tell you otherwise.

    • November 20, 2010 11:58 pm

      MRAs always publicly support the dad, no matter how much of a scum he is, no matter what they do, except in the following cases:

      1. Physical or sexual violence or abuse
      2. Drugs
      3. Incarceration.

      I don’t believe the MRAs make such exceptions. Maybe they make the exception when they are unable to hide or rationalize away “proven in a court of law” physical and/or sexual violence and abuse, however, other than those cases, they do often deny actual abuse, especially when it is not proven by the courts. Just because the court did not prove it, does not mean it did not happen. Don’t write any more comments supporting MRAs. No such support will be tolerated here. Sexual violence and/or abuse is not determined by an MRA’s definition or perception of what is abuse. When accused, it is up to the MRA to prove otherwise, it is not anyone else’s responsibility to extend the benefit of doubt to him.

    • November 21, 2010 12:04 am

      That white van thing is funnier than hell though. LOL! What an idiot-creep.

  12. anti-Christopher permalink
    November 21, 2010 9:21 am

    MRAs: point taken. anyhoo, I had a look at some of the recent blogs where he’s attempting to snow his skeptics. his original statement to redneck news in Nashville was, when indirectly asked about the white van incident, was:

    “It wasn’t a violent act?” Williams asked.

    “Oh, no,” Savoie answered. “Hugging your kids and putting them in a car, I hardly think that is a violent act.”

    “You didn’t hit your ex-wife or push her?”

    “Absolutely not,” Savoie answered.

    Christopher must have forgotten he said that, because in another j blog he makes this desperate defense:

    I take no issue with the Japanese version of the article which says there was an *allegation* of “muriyari” putting kids in the car. Muriyari is a very vague word in Japanese and simply means “compel” (against one’s will). It is often translated as “by force” but it hardly rises to violence in its definition in the sense that word has in English. Violence (boryoku) was never even alleged in this case (because it didn’t happen). Had it been, there would have been an assault charge. But the U.S. press and other places have picked up on the (misleading) translation from Japanese and have accepted the worst possible interpretation of “muriyari” and this is not correct. In Japanese, one can “muriyari” try to eat too much, “muriyari” try to jump over a fence or even “muriyari” try to catch the earlier train. Or yes, even muriyari put one’s kids in a car. None of these acts necessarily indicate violent acts either per se, just a bit of measured overkill or over extension in the action, if that.

    what a bullshit artist. if it’s true that there was no violence why jump through all the hoops to parse the meaning of the j word “muriyari?” I wonder if he’ll backtrack and spin it to say he meant “muriyari hugging.” must’ve squeezed those kids so hard they got partially swallowed by the rolls in his stomach.

    he play-pretends to be lawyer extraordinaire and thinks that by putting “*allegedly*” before dissecting the meaning of one j word in just one of many j newspapers that makes it okay. reminds me of OJ Simpson, professing innocence while at the same time writing a book subtitled “*If* I did it”.

    uh huh. wink wink nudge nudge.

  13. Katydid permalink
    November 23, 2010 4:48 am

    “I take no issue with the Japanese version of the article which says there was an *allegation* of “muriyari” putting kids in the car. Muriyari is a very vague word in Japanese and simply means “compel” (against one’s will). It is often translated as “by force” but it hardly rises to violence in its definition in the sense that word has in English”

    So, in other words, Christopher Savoie was saying that he put his kids in the car against their will. Nice. So much for that hugging the kids and putting them in the car crap.

  14. Katydid permalink
    November 24, 2010 2:53 am

    “Anyhoo, what the U.S. Press didn’t report, but the j press did, was that Christopher got together a bunch of thugs from his startup, rented a generic white van (the vehicle of choice for kidnappers worldwide it seems), and ambushed his wife and kids, “

    I’m surprised it wasn’t a white Bronco. LMFAO!!!

  15. synerjizzm permalink
    March 8, 2011 11:34 pm

    Been following this story for a few years now and have always thought this guy was a total prick. The more I read about him the more this turns out to be true. Glad the general consensus seems to agree with me…. Hope the kids are just getting on with their lives and forgetting about their freaky father best they can…

  16. May 11, 2011 1:45 am

    In case you have not seen this low life has now been awarded over 6 million dollars damages against Noriko, by a court in Tennessee. He continues to hound her. Most (can I say all?) of these white men who come to Japan and use and abuse Japanese women are predatory creeps, wanting to play lord and master over women they see as less than they are. They are losers who seek out women they believe to be culturally inculcated to be passive and then complain when these women turn out to be strong real people who will fight for their children and their own rights.

    He does not have a hope in hell of getting this money from Noriko, thank goodness, the Japanese system will protect her.

    I appreciate reading everything you had to say about this situation.

  17. May 11, 2011 4:57 am

    Its clear to you, but then you are exceptional, as are the other women I have seen comment on this blog. Do you know how refreshing it is not not be surrounded by man-pleasing women?!

    To the misogynistic hordes in Japan, it is far from clear. Im going to have to stay clear of the news for a few days, as my blood pressure cannot take reading the `poor old white man` stories. At least the Japanese-language press is sympathetic. Noriko is demonised by white men in Japan and the English-language media they control here, and by the American courts.

    Im just a silly old bird who wishes that the world was not such a hostile place for her daughters. I wish there was a way to intill my decades-honed creep detector in them.

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