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Only Two Ways

September 29, 2010

There are only two ways you can have an amicable on-line relationship with trannies (males who believe their delusions are reality).

First way: Pad their pay-pal accounts with massive cheddar. You cannot give once and expect loyalty. You must give continuously. All that fake crap they use to solidify their delusion cost money and as a member of the oppressed class, you owe it to them to donate. Sounds almost like a preacher (and the Catholic Church) begging for money. Your gift aids in their corruption/molestation.

Second way: 100% Submission. Whatever they say, you must agree with each and every word 100%. You cannot even quibble about grammar. Your agreement has to be 100% and it has to be convincing and flattering.

If you deviate from either of these two ways, your relationship will be severed, irreparably. Sure, there may be cases here and there when a few trannies come back to you, but they will always have their “trust” on a very short leash. More than likely if they do come back it is because you made some sizable donations in the past.

When you make the trannie’s black list, you are on it, for life. Personally I see making the list as a compliment to my femaleness. Trannies love to hate the very females who are most prone not to buy their male-world bullshit.

Nevertheless, it makes me sad when I see women, female at birth women trying to make up to the trannies when the trannies cut them. It is like trying to make up with an abuser, on crack. The relationship will never be sound because it never was solid from the start. It also makes me sad that those very same women who spend so much time and effort sucking up to trannies do not spend that time and effort forging on-line relationships with female at birth women. But I suppose for many women, placing males before females is hard conditioning to undo.

Now you know.

  1. September 30, 2010 6:31 am

    I didn’t know that buying someone’s friendship was feminist, but I guess cos the trannies are doing it IT MUST BE.

  2. September 30, 2010 7:12 am

    I completely missed this post. I’ve watched at least one woman resign herself to this truth online. For some reason, women want to believe that the trannies can be reasoned with. If they oppose transition but abstain from using the word tranny, then they think maybe the trannies will at the very least make a distinction between their “politeness” and our “hatred”; or, if they encourage tranny-ism on an individual level because, after all (so the argument goes), people have to live in the world as it is now, not in the world as it should be, but they still acknowledge that radical feminists have legitimate reason to oppose it, they think that the trannies will spare them their vitriol. But, nope. Like you said, nothing but absolute submission to their every claim will do. I’m not even sure dissent from generous financial benefactors is tolerated.

  3. September 30, 2010 2:31 pm

    Yes, and meanwhile they call us every name in the book. Oh did you see this gem DDH linked to?

    Goodness feminism is supposedly about men breaking out of their boxes too but when we do we get shooed back into them because we are being represented so well

    From a ftm tranny (I think), but still. Feminism is about men now is it? All transitioning is steeped in misogyny; doesn’t matter which way you’re going. At least from where I am sitting, the voice of transactivism is a woman-hating one.

    • October 1, 2010 6:17 am

      I love how 9/10 of trannies have no working knowledge of political ideologies/philosophies at all.

  4. September 30, 2010 4:11 pm

    I made mention of the donation thing because I heard from a very reliable source that one such female who goes out of her way to cram her head up tyrannies asses gives so much money to tyrannies that it is unbelievable. Some speculate that she has a trust. I had my own reasons why she sucks up to tyrannies but it wasn’t nice and it was quite anti-feminist. Nevertheless, she doesn’t just donate she also agrees with them all the time, 100% and spreads on the flattery thicker than molasses.

  5. October 1, 2010 3:07 am

    too fucking true. As Daisy unfortunately recently found out. She wrote something that was clearly an attempt to show support, and next thing you know it’s singled out on some trans woman’s blog as the height of transphobia.

    And Margie, I am not sure if you were maybe referring to me in your comment, but if not, I would still then be one more woman it applies to at any rate. Though my concern was more that other people who know and like/love me would stop, if certain trans women bloggers put me on the list of people who HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, it still was ridiculous of me. The writing was always on the wall – it was never okay for me to just love you and Kitty and Mary and others out in the open.

    And yet, funny thing, I have never, not once, gotten that kind of demand from the other side, from any of you. You have never tried to bully or shame me into not loving anyone else, not talking to anyone else, not agreeing with anyone else about anything, regardless of whether that anyone-else was someone who had been in the wrong in some other interactions with you.

    And the reason I’m making specific note of all this is – I know people read AROOO, and some are the hall-monitor, radfem-hating jackasses, but some are no doubt other women who just come to see what all the fuss is about, why is AROOO public enemy number one? And I want those women to know that this is some fucked up shit, the lengths some of these trans women go to, to try and control Margie and Kitty and anyone who would engage with them.

    You can agree with AROOO or not or with trans activists or not, but one thing that is true regardless, is that if someone tries to tell you that it’s transphobic and trans-woman-murdering to talk to anyfuckingbody you feel like talking to, that someone is demanding your submission. If you’re cool with that, okay, have at it. Just don’t ask me to pretend that submission is solidarity, is good-person-ness, is radical love. The trans activists I’m referring to would have you believe exactly that, but it’s not true. And nothing they say or do can make it so.

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