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Mad Men, “Chinese Walls”

October 8, 2010

Let me cleanse my mind of that gawd awful episode of Mad Men last Sunday since it is almost Sunday again. Chinese Walls? Come on! More like, “I am willing to be your toilet and you don’t even have to buy me dinner” walls. If walls can talk my ass. Those walls have been talking! The problem is, ain’t no body listening. Honestly. A man totally wrote this episode. Sometimes when I see the credits and I learn that a woman contributed here and there with the writing, I’m like okay, I see a little bit of her influence. Of course, whatever she adds is twisted and flushed through a man’s eyes as the end product. Nevertheless those times are not as horrific as this past episode.

Let’s start with Megan, shall we? What have we seen of Megan thus far? Efficient, filled out all the forms, including a request for a security clearance and presented it to Don for signature without as much as a bother to him. Well-dressed and well-coiffed. Oh, but suddenly she decides the most horrendous outfit she has ever worn to the office is the one she needs to wear the day she decides to lift her skirt up. That “seduction” scene was so pathetic. I mean, give me a fucking break. Honestly. Honestly. “Hey, Don I want to fuck you.” “No, Megan, although I have never made a pass at you and I sort of kind of regret losing one good secretary by fucking her when I was drunk and could not bother to pull down my trousers to reveal my HPV stick and instead unzipped and pulled the thing out, and then giving her an $100 Christmas bonus the next day, I am not ready to fuck another secretary. Especially since I am fucking the PhD, who is wishy-washy as all get out, assuming the role of my secretary/wife one minute to telling me how unethical I am for wanting her to find me some business, chop-chop, to assuming the role of my wife/secretary the next, and betraying the writing that she can clearly read straight in front of her ‘go shit in the ocean, you creep,’ face.” All Megan says is, “I’m not going to run out the office crying” and Don says, “Let’s get it on.” Although, I know I’m still stuck on the orgasm thing (more like lack of), –just like when Roger and Joan did the PIV HPV transferring on the side of the street, I wonder, how could these women possibly be having orgasms? And if they are not, what is pushing them into assuming the role over and over again. Gawd, I sound like a stereotypical man, I know (It’s all about the orgasm! LOL!). No sentimentality here. That was the role Megan assumed, isn’t it. Like she can love them and leave them like the next man, or as in the 1980s, “Slam Bam Thank You Madam.” SO CONTRIVED! Nothing computes. What’s in it for her? No sexual pleasure. No professional mobility (remember she claimed she wanted to learn what he and Peggy do, yet, they didn’t get to one example or explanation before she was telling him to give it to her right then and there), no boyfriend/girlfriend status, hence, no wife and/or no desire to become mommy to Don’s children status.

So what was that shit anyway? Are we to believe she is some soulless black widow who did what? Poison Mrs. Blankenship so she could get closer to Don so she could carry out some evil plan. It was 1965. Although I am sure many women did engage in casual sex, I am just not buying it with Don and Megan. That little scene was worse than a low budget soap opera. By the beginning of the fifth season, will we find Megan laughing manically when reviewing her sinister plan?

Then we have the Magical Lesbian©, Joyce. She has been trying her hardest to get Abe and Peggy to connect because Abe needs a soup bowl for his soup. Because what is more believable than believing that a lesbian thinks that all Peggy needs is an HPV stick in her soup bowl, and not just any HPV stick, but the very HPV stick that did not care two straws about her job a few weeks prior. You know, when he was so willing to sabotage her career by publishing something about the people she works for, the very agency that pays her, thus, she can pay the expenses that maintain a life away from those raging Catholics she calls family. Yeah, he is a winner.

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  1. October 8, 2010 10:00 pm

    None of this is what I wanted to say about this episode, but now I cannot remember. I really should write when I am thinking about stuff and not later when I start thinking about more stuff away from what I originally thought.

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