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Kicking Myself: Scammed

October 21, 2010

I was totally scammed this morning. I pride myself on getting in the store and getting out. I hate that place. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Wal-Mart, Target, and/or any grocery story (including the so-called creative class chains), I hate them all. Hence, I was not paying the attention I should have been paying.

Just this morning before my trip to the store, I was telling the child about the art of the candy dish. And warned her that I would be refilling my candy dish today, and I had about had it with her breach of decorum. Everyone who is anyone, okay, that is a grand and loaded assertion, actually, me, I am talking about me, knows that a nice piece of dark chocolate must be savored, as in, one bloody piece a day. You don’t keep at it until either the candy is gone or you have to puke. So, I warned her to prepare herself for when we are home this evening and she happens to discover that my dish (it’s on my damn bookcase) has been restocked.

Imagine my horror. FUCKING HORROR! When I put the single Dove piece in my mouth, I immediately knew something wasn’t right. Well, for one it was not Dove but Hershey’s Bliss. Those bastards mimicked the Dove packaging just to sucker people like me. Oh, fool me once……….

You know, not everyone can buy Godiva and/or some other fancy chocolate all the time, therefore, I have to make the best with third-rate chocolate. But I will be damn if I substitute Hershey’s for Dove.

It is not as if I even like chocolate, I eat it strictly for my health.

  1. October 21, 2010 5:45 pm

    Shiny package and small individually wrapped pieces on the front is all I saw. Don’t act like the two packages are that different.

  2. October 21, 2010 6:03 pm

    Oh dear Kitty! What a disappointment. The only time I ever had Hersheys was when I was living in Japan, and couldn’t get proper chocolate at my local store. I thought it tasted like sweet margarine 😦

  3. Level Best permalink
    October 21, 2010 8:19 pm

    I would have done the same thing. In fact, it’s pretty scary how much I operate hastily and based on package appearances in the grocery store (I hate grocery shopping, too). I had a major trauma when Wisk laundry detergent switched their packaging from blue to orange-red. It meant I had to actually stop and LOOK for Wisk among all of the other orange-red jugs of liquid soap. Resented it, I did.

  4. October 22, 2010 3:29 am

    Gaaaah, they do this kind of thing with the only two super-market chains over here and I always mean to get W.A made chocolate coated liquorice and always end up with the Coles/Woolies brand. Tastes like arse in comparison,
    I suppose, isn’t Halloween coming up over there? Couldn’t you easily dispose of crappy-in-comparison chocolate onto some unsuspecting trick or treater? 😛

  5. October 22, 2010 3:46 am

    Yeah, Hershey’s is terrible compared to Dove. It sucks wasting the money on something you don’t even want. That chocolate is, what, 4 bucks a bag? At least Kitty III can eat it 😛

    And berryblade – oh, the Halloween nights I’ve spent shut in my home, in a back room with the front lights turned off trying to avoid a parade of brats in plastic costumes. Trick-or-treaters sound like a solution worse than the original problem of the nasty chocolate, for me anyway 😉

    • October 22, 2010 4:06 am

      Haha, no totally dig that. That’s what we do now, after one year, a group of students from the high school near my house thought it would be a good idea to take up the Halloween tradition, go trick or treating and just cover everyone’s house in Toilet Paper anyway!

      Gaaah, Halloween, if we’re going to celebrate it here, I wish every one would celebrate it autumn here like it is in the northern hemisphere, instead of having it in spring 😛

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