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Forced Submission or Else

May 6, 2011

My dental office fired me because I told the receptionist to shut up. If I knew that would have been the consequences I would had cursed her fake ass out. Actually, in the patient world it is not called fired, but dismissed. I am quite sure the dentist is fucking her. There was something insanely sadistic and arrogant in her behavior, –far beyond a confident employee who would expect her/his employer to take his/her side. It was something more, something I suspect his wife needs to worry about. That man will be leaving his wife for that woman in the next year or so (if that long) that, somebody had better watch his or her back because the receptionist is the murdering type. It all started because she kept talking to me in her condescendingly fake matter, almost identical to the way flight attendants repeatedly say bye-bye. I was waiting for my daughter so I was trapped. I recently fired my daughter’s dentist because that office could not get their billing correct. I believe my dentist and his mistress had a problem with that fact, as if they are bound to practice Dentists Unite. You would think he would be happy that he was getting the new patient.

I tried every technique in my arsenal to shut her up; I even googled, “How to make people stop talking to you.” However, she persisted. I ignored her. I changed the subject. I looked away. Finally, I asked her if she would just be quiet. Why should I be subjected to hear prattle that I don’t feel like hearing? Finally, I had to say, “Shut up, just shut up.” Any other time it would have been, “Shut up, just shut the FUCK up.” But, since I have enjoyed the care I have received for the million years that I’ve been going there, I tried extra hard. I see now she was on a mission. She had a problem with me from the beginning and just wanted a reason to run to him. And his ass came running to her like the joint was on fire. It is not a small office either. It is huge with many dentists and other employees, and he was right there with his tongue hanging out. He is so fucking her. His wife, with their pathetic “church going community standing” is in for a rude awakening.

Nevertheless, it is no longer (if it ever really was) about treating the customer politely, or catering to the customer even a little bit. It is all about you submitting to the people you are paying. That is some ass backwards shit.

  1. la redactora permalink
    May 6, 2011 6:51 pm

    Your posts always give me the best schadenfreude.

    I recently fired someone, after he, the person I was paying, decided to treat me like I was being a misbehaving child and that he was my know-it-all skeezy father. It was very satisfying.

    “It all started because she kept talking to me in her condescendingly fake matter, almost identical to the way flight attendants repeatedly say bye-bye.”
    I do hate those people. It is all part of their femininity performance.

    • May 6, 2011 7:01 pm

      They use “thank you” the same way flight attendants use “bye-bye.” Each little thing you say or do is followed with them saying “thank you.” But it is so much more than a simple mindless “thank you.” It is a “fuck you” “thank you.” Totally passive-aggressive. Socially acceptable passive-aggressive-ness.

  2. la redactora permalink
    May 6, 2011 9:55 pm

    And god forbid if you don’t respond in kind.

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