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Dean Spanley

May 25, 2011

Dean Spanley is one of those movies that fall in a category that I often wonder about. That category being a story that could just as well been told replacing all the male characters with female ones. Why do “universal” characters must always be male? Well, we know the answer to that.  Nonetheless, it requires compartmentalization during movie viewing in order to watch said movie. One must ignore that everyone is male and concentrate on the storyline. I mean honestly, there was nothing about the story that would not have worked if every character had been female. Instead of a father and son with a difficult relationship, it could have been a mother and daughter. Instead of a father refusing to grieve the loss of a child and spouse, it could have been a mother. Instead of a father and son going to hear a lecture on reincarnation, it could have been a mother and daughter. Instead of a man imagining he was a dog in previous life, it could have been a woman. Everything else could have easily remained the same, the time, the positions in society, –the circumstances of their existences, etc.

Nevertheless, if you have not heard of Dean Spanley before, you may want to give it a view. I don’t regret watching it. This is a good thing.

Incidentally, I found it on Starz, which is just a nudge above the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. If you are familiar with that bin, you will know there is nothing ever in there worth the low-low price of $5. I want $5 for digging through that mess and not finding anything. Actually, it should be a $3 bin. At least Starz gave me Dean Spanley.

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