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If Casey Anthony Were My Daughter

July 5, 2011

She would not have been found not guilty.

No one would care if her life had been hard living with an allegedly overbearing mother and rapist father and brother.

If Casey Anthony were my daughter, they would say she murdered her child, not only murdered her but planned it.

White middle class fuckable women are always given more creditability than non-white non-middle class “rapeable” women are.

White feminists can afford to be classist and racist when it comes to the Casey Anthony’s of the world, while forgetting that the results would have been different if the murdered child had been male (white).

Fuck you Casey Anthony. You killed a little girl and got away with it. You got away with it because men want to fuck you. You got away with it because your victim was a little girl. You got away with it because you and your legal team appropriated the story that many girls actually live.

Three cheers for Raunch Culture!

If feminists desire to use Casey Anthony as some type of object lesson, perhaps, it would be beneficial to acknowledge first the nose on one’s face. What I find to be a reasonable explanation of what happened is this: Casey was burdened by having a child. A child she wanted but did not want. She fell for the attention one gets from being pregnant, hence, no abortion, and/or she was guilt-ed into having the baby, —nothing like family pressure to make one lie in the bed in which they made even if there has been little to no experience in the art of bed making. Casey wanted to hang out with men and party (she is still very young) but her parents would not look after the child so Casey could party (they were attempting the school of life’s lessons method). Desperate to live the life of a 22 year old, she subdued the child with duct tape, something she had successfully done before, except on the last occasion the child died. Instead of coming clean, she tried to cover it all up with lies and more lies.

If feminists want to make an argument for Casey Anthony, the argument would best be how young women are faced with conflicting guilt, guidance and consequences when it comes to pregnancy.

When I read white feminists trying to defend the actions of Casey Anthony, I see a total detachment of day-to-day reality for many young mothers, particularly poor white mothers and mothers of color of any class. I see how these feminists don’t have a clue what happens in reality. From the second Casey Anthony was pregnant (unmarried and without a paternity clue) her family was an automatic protection against a barrage of questions from hospital nurses, CPS, WIC processors, and Social Services representatives. She was beyond scrutiny and would have remained so if she had not killed her daughter. Many, many young mothers cannot say the same. Not only would the stink eye have been glued on those young mothers the second their pregnancy test came back positive, they would have been forced to plead guilty to murder with even less evidence than the state had on Casey. There would have been no way in hell the state would have allowed such an elaborate use of resources. Hence, the privilege of being white and not viewed as white trash.

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  1. July 5, 2011 7:51 pm

    No duct tape, no partying, no lies, no marks, no beatings, no signs of beatings, no yelling, no shouting, no nothing, but my daughter has to constantly prove she is worthy of being a mother, because she is poor and has the nerve to want her children. Gawd help us all if one of her children go missing and later found dead.

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