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How Does Your Garden Grow?

August 22, 2011


The best way for a trannie (noun, A person born with male genitals and has been privileged in society and who systematically participates in the oppression and blatant mockery of female humans) not to be sent to the wrong prison is to not commit a crime. Heard that one before, have ya?

Of course, after having committed several strong-armed crimes and fighting with females in prison, he will no doubt expect taxpayers to pay to have his penis removed so he can go back to the female prison and show the women there how best to wear their Little Bo Peep and Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary dresses.

Had it been a woman, a female at birth, a real woman filing a complaint about rape, her complaint would have been ignored. If anything, she may have been allegedly raped again by another guard for reporting the first alleged rape.

In summary, this story is about nothing but another male expecting treatment that is not routinely extended to females, although he has contributed nothing to society but being a menace.

  1. August 22, 2011 11:36 pm

    “…is to not commit a crime. Heard that one before, have ya?”

    Yes I have! 🙂 How you doin’ woman?

    I get everything you’re saying here Kitty, but what bowled me the f*ck over was this at the end of the piece!:

    “But North claimed the goof proved that the officer whom Saldana accused of sexual abuse is innocent.

    The officer was transferred to another prison after Saldana’s recent complaint.

    “I’m trying to get him back to RCF [Riverside] as soon as possible, because he didn’t do anything wrong,” North said.

    Aside from the damned fact “…that prison intake forms denote Saldana as male” and that North “…declined to discuss the officers’ failure to perform the required cavity searches”Innocent??!! Didn’t do anything wrong??!! WTF?? So if he had actually been a female, “…being forced into oral sex with a corrections officer” is OK??!!

    That he would/could even say that shit – in the damned newspaper! just goes to show where women still are in this patriarchal society. {SMDH}

    • August 22, 2011 11:52 pm

      Of course, it does not prove the guard is innocent. That was some dumb shit. In all probability, the guard is guilty as hell. However, the problem I have with even mentioning the guard is how it takes energy from me that could be used to support a female who most certainly have been raped and redirect toward a male (rape victim or not). We all know males rape, and we all know that male guards rape the hell out of female prisoners and at times, male prisoners. Being so focused is what pisses so many people (especially men) who go out of their way to read my blog. Everything to them is black/white. If I don’t cry from the top of the mountain that this poor man was raped by the prison guard then that must mean that I advocate prison guards raping males. That is the logic I read in comments left here all the time by “WHAT ABOUT THE MEN!” people. It is not my duty, obligation, or mission to assure others that I most certainly have basic human compassion for ALL rape victims. No, it is my duty, obligation and mission to assure all that I have compassion for the rape victims who are systematically raped and systematically ignored most all the time! I resent it as a FEMALE. I resent each time I want to point out the injustices reaped upon my sex class I must (if I am expected to be taken seriously or be listened to) prove that I first possess the compassion to feel for poor men, the very creatures who have, by default, compassion without asking. Am I not human. Of course, I wish no pain on anyone, male or female. However, my duty is not to console men at the expense of women. You know what I mean?

      Good catch on how it seems okay if he had been female. You know, like everyday business.

      Speaking of the politics of saving a guard’s ass, it is not too far from talking about police and I know you appreciate that type of conversation. Do I ever have a rant in me about entrapment. Have you see some show that is called “Bait Car” or something like that?

  2. August 23, 2011 2:16 am

    “Good catch on how it seems okay if he had been female. You know, like everyday business. “

    Yeah, that’s what my rant was all about. I saw it once a while ago and that was enough for me. No, folks shouldn’t be cruisin’ neighborhods looking for other people’s cars to steal, but I’ll be damned if shit like “Bait Car” is good police work! Rant on, sister!

  3. GallusMag permalink
    August 23, 2011 3:13 am

    I hope the women prisoners who got beat up by this guy sue the hell out of the prison system for putting a man in with them. They certainly have a good case.

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