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Summer Finale: The Closer, “Fresh Pursuit”

September 13, 2011

Awww, come on!!!!   Booger causes Brenda Leigh to shake with fear?  As if!

Somebody, fire the writers, like yesterday. And, the casting director!


Bill Croelick (Jason O’Mara) or Phillip Stroh (Billy Burke) are the only two bad guys who may, perhaps, might, shake ol’ Brenda Leigh. Not Booger. SMH! Certainly not Booger, in a cheap suit and an unconvincing air of self-righteousness.

  1. September 13, 2011 1:50 pm

    I agree. The character would simply have turned around and with her sly southern smile said “see ya in court” as she walked from the room back to her celebration!


    • September 13, 2011 5:06 pm

      You know the writers have really been playing it up to the wrong crowd in the last year or so. The show first appealed to a group of people (middle aged women) who made the show cult level,however, now, it seems the writers are determined to change course into some weird direction. If middle-age women liked the show how it was, why change it. I was having lunch one day after a big production I managed last year, and shockingly I found out that almost every woman at the table were ardent Closer watchers. Something that not all the other lame ass bullshit shows have managed to accomplished. I am speaking specifically of crap like, Bones, Rizzoli & Isles, Law and Order, and other similar rubbish. I forgave the writers when Daniels was written off, and even though Gabriel is loyal and fair-minded (most of the time), he was such an immature ass with Daniels. She would have easily been able to work around him, but he kept crying all the time. Then there was potential in a Latina (possibly lesbian), but she didn’t seem to last but a show or two. Anyway, I forgave them for losing those females roles because I understand that Brenda Leigh had to stand alone. Then they brought in Captain Raydor, who is like the shit! I love her! Do you remember she, without a bit of anger, told Brenda Lee that unlike her she could not sleep her way to the top. And instead of Brenda Leigh protesting, she just took it, because she knew there were elements there. But, I have to tell you when they had Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson scurrying away from that Army commander, I was rolling my eyes big time (the case, that led to the case that has been dragging along all season, that accuses her of letting that man die. LOL! She so let that man, die, but, I am not mad at her). When people talk about the “mole,” they are throwing around Gabriel’s name. It could be Gabriel. But you know, he is not clean as a whistle. I think they are forgetting about Ruby. Ruby, the little black girl that the rapist white pervert stole, raped, and murdered. Gabriel beat the shit out of that man. And Provenza cut the tape so there would not be a record of the beating. Buzz was a little miff. Some way Buzz could be the mole, but, I am not sure about him either. The only real ass in my opinion is Pope, and that is thinking of Taylor as well. Out of Taylor or Pope, Pope is the bigger dick not to trust. He wants to be HDIC (Head Dick in Charge) so bad he can taste it. The little gay attorney has been entertaining. But of course, just like other police shows, too many times the murderer is female. You know the murderer is not female as often as the telly tells us it is.

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