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“Women Love Shoes” is Code

December 22, 2011

For the record, if I didn’t have to protect my feet I wouldn’t bother with shoes. I see nothing spectacular about looking at and/or shopping for shoes. Shoes are no different from any other item that I need in order to protect myself from the elements.

What I want to tell everyone, and forgive me if you feel the need to say “Duh” but you know as I have said millions of times before, I can feel right and wrong and thus live that rightness that I feel before I can actually fill in the blanks as to how/why I reached the conclusion that I have. Nevertheless, what I want to tell everyone is this, when speaking of women and shoes together, shoes do not mean shoes, shoes means heels, high heels. If you hear a woman talk about loving shoes and shopping for shoes, she is not talking about orthopedic comfort shoes, nor is she referring to sneakers/trainers or any other decent looking comfortable shoe. She is talking about high heels. When men talk about admiring women in shoes, they are not talking about seeing a female foot in a loafer; they are talking about seeing a woman’s foot in a heel, a high heel. When it comes to women and shoes (from the collective male and female perspective), shoes means high heels, not simply shoes, as in footwear.

Here is the big revelation, stay with me. Of course, there is all of that business about keeping women physically unstable (high heels and balance are in natural opposition), —unable to run away in heels, etc. And as far as that theory goes, I support it whole-heartily. Everything goes back to sex, which essentially seems to go always back to what heterosexual men desire. Which may go back to rape. Heterosexual men want to believe that all women want men to fuck them. Actually, many homosexual men seem to want to believe this about women as well (see the video below). Believing that women want men to fuck them, allows men to rationalize away their rape fantasies and in many cases,  actual rape. “If she didn’t want to be raped, I mean come on to, and subsequently charmed into bed, then why did she where those ‘Fuck Me Pumps?’” The base (as in the primal sophomoric) does not refer to them as “Fuck Me Pumps” for nothing. So, here is the big revelation. Announcing that a woman loves shoes acts as a signifier that a woman wants to be seen as fuckable.

Everyone knows the worst crime in Western Civilization is to be a woman and not be seen as fuckable (by men).

If you are not actively presenting yourself as fuckable, actively expressing a desire to become fuckable, or actively pining because you lack fuckability factor, then you are disposal. Hence, you might as well be dead and stop littering up the world with your subversive self. Because everyone knows that men (especially heterosexual men) must be reminded that women want to be fucked.

*Disclaimer. If you believe you truly do love high heels simply for the aesthetic value, and you have no desire whatsoever to appear fuckable to men, you just love wearing your high heels for no other reason what so ever other than they make you, the individual you, feel pretty oh so pretty (although I must insist on asking you how were you conditioned to view heels as having aesthetic properties vs. say, this shoe) then this song is not about you. It is about the countless women who must let the world know that they LOVE SHOES! As if announcing to the world that you love shoes is some covert way of saying, “I am not a lesbian. I love men! I have not quit. My prince will come one day. I will by GAWD suffer because I know, just know that in the end it will be worth it!”

  1. December 22, 2011 11:11 am

    And can we even imagine a man telling another man what women supposedly like? [referring to the video] Projection much? All a part of the mind voo-doo. Males make up the standards and then convince everyone else that women made those standards.

  2. la redactora permalink
    January 2, 2012 8:13 am

    Oh yes, and using the gay man (“closer” to women and their “mysterious” ways *not at all but shhh*) as the intermediate to explain these “desires” (manufactured) of women is just too much.

    Also, the higher the heel, the more I judge. I know that it’s not “nice” but I do it anyway.

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