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Faceshots Are SO “LOL!”

March 18, 2012

Today I wasted my time and money with my youngest daughter by taking her to see a movie for the third time (but that is another post). As we were waiting for the movie to begin, I witnessed males from ages 10 to 50 throwing popcorn in the face of one or more of the females they were with. Within a 20-minute span, I saw it happened four times from four different groups of people. One set of people consisted of an older teen-age male with three teenage girls. The next set was a young boy, around 9-10 with a set of older girls and boys. The third and fourth sets of people were a male and female pair, one pair in their 20s and the other pair in their 40s-50s. Everyone in all of these groups appeared to be Mexican/Mexican-American. I tell you this last bit in case it is a male-cultural thing that I don’t know about vs. a universal male thing. Or perhaps it is simply misogyny in an area that happened to be all Mexican/Mexican-American.

In each case, the male takes the popcorn, a piece or a handful and throws it in the face of one or more of the females in the group, as if it is a joke. Not a soft confetti throw, but a launch. Not anywhere else on the body, just the face. The one teenage boy only stopped after the girls he was with got up and moved about eight seats away.

Then tonight I see a video on YouTube that is currently trending…the title lead in is, “Kid Gets Owned by His Own Mum!” WTF?

What is this owned shit? And why does the title insinuate that the child should feel humiliated, as if he was dominated? As if a little male toddler should know already through natural instincts to protect the honor of his masculinity from most of all, a female. I don’t know, it is all so insanely stupid that I cannot even deconstruct it further, because first there is the fact that one or both of the parents felt it necessary to share the video online.

What I do know is this. PORN CULTURE! In the face, with popcorn have porn connotations. Ridiculing a toddler for being “owned” by his mother is a policing (thus ensuring the “natural” order) of porn roles, which of course perpetuates masculinity, thereby supporting patriarchy.

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  1. la redactora permalink
    March 19, 2012 5:30 pm

    It wasn’t until I started heavily watching television at school (bad combination, I know) that I really realized just how porn-tinged/tainted people’s minds are these days. And lots of prior social awkwardness started making sense as well–once I understood the porn “tropes.” And this with people of *all* ages, especially the over forty set. Don’t ask me why. And then there is Jon Stewart, who cannot make it through a week of routines before making some porn reference or “joke.”

    Before then I would have thought you were seeing porn where there wasn’t any, but now I know better :-(.

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