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Olympic Badminton Scandal is Hilarious

August 1, 2012

Not because I think badminton shouldn’t be an Olympic sport.   I am quite sure it takes skill and athleticism to play badminton, but because it just seems funny.  Losing to win.  Obviously something is wrong with the system of moving forward.

I used to intentionally lose to my daughter whenever we played games, until it no longer became intentional, like the last hand of Gin Rummy we played.  I don’t think she is consciously aware of counting cards but I am quite sure somewhere in her brain she is counting cards.   Her ability to create melds is incredible.

Every family has that one person who throws the game board in the air at the realization that there will be no victory.  I have been that person before.  Actually, successfully displaying unsportsperson like losing should be an Olympic sport. I’ve seen some Monopoly boards hit the ceiling that would easily get a perfect score.

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