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Food Stamps

December 4, 2012

If you know someone on food stamps and want to help them then offer them one cash dollar for one food stamp dollar. At the very least go 90/10. If you are trying to get 50% or anything lower,  you are an exploitative asshole. No, the food stamps are not free. If she (the person receiving the food stamps) is so desperate as to risk allowing you to use her food stamp card it is most likely because she needs cash, something bad. No, not cash for drugs. Yes, I am sure you can dig out an example of someone your cousin knew who sold her food stamps for drugs but that is not the case for most everyone else. In addition, it is not as if she can just go back to the magic food stamp window and ask for some more. Whatever she “sells,” she loses, meaning her and her children will have to go without that amount of food for the month. Every woman who I have ever known who has sold her food stamps did so to pay her fucking utility bill. Because, you know, having no electricity is a reason for CPS to take away your children. Babies are high on the agenda.  Got to have those babies for all those women who demand one.  And if you are living in Section-8 housing, no electricity is a reason to be evicted. If she is evicted then CPS will come calling again.  Not to mention how asshole daddy who does not want to pay child support from the start (even though it is less than what he wastes at Hooters) will use the eviction against her and take the kids and then dump them on his mother or some other woman.  If she is lucky to get assistance from somewhere that will pay a light bill, it will not be for every month. If anything it will be once in a six month period.

The biggest welfare queens in our country are corporate welfare kings who get away with a king’s ransom every fucking day. So, please think twice if you ever want to complain to me about some woman who would not let you have her stamps for 50%.

  1. GallusMag permalink
    December 4, 2012 10:52 pm

    Fuckin’ A.

  2. Yisheng Qingwa permalink
    December 5, 2012 8:22 am

    I’m on food stamps. I’ve never had anyone ask for them half off… I use them all myself, anyways. I have on occasion bought a few groceries for a friend who needs it… what kind of asshole would want to rip off someone already poor? Ugh.

    • December 5, 2012 9:41 am

      When I was on food stamps, I never seemed to have enough. When I worked (trying to go to school full time and work) and report my income, my food stamps were deducted dollar for dollar. It is such a cycle that few people understand. The cost of going to work was costing me so much I could not move forward. The cost of not working was disqualifying me other benefits that I would lose either way. Forced to start the whole process over again and again. Some months I would lose benefits for no reason what so ever. If you cornered your case worker you would never get a direct answer. It was like the state needed to not pay a certain amount of people per month and if your name popped up you were it. No phone call, no letter no nothing. Just, you go to use your benefits and they don’t exist. When you call, no answer. Finally you are told you have to start the process over. Especially when it comes to Medicaid and if there is any cash benefit involved.

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