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White People Killing White People, Irony?

January 31, 2013

Watching the debates on “gun control,” I  ponder how white people are computing the whole process.  When I hear white people (for the record, it simply means white identified, although most white people are actually white) go on about wanting to be armed in order to protect themselves, I wonder what color they visualize as the person coming at/after them.  I am convinced that their boogiemen are not white.  The boogiemen that give them the zeal, gumption, and indignation to argue for their gun rights are not other white people.  Yet, it is white people killing white people,  en masse. 

How does this reality fit?

Like those “hypersensitive anti-racist” white tumblr people who respond when someone [even a black someone] says, “I just bought a new black (color) jacket.”  They swarm in and say, “No, you just bought a new African-American jacket. Stop being so racist!  j/k.  n/nr.”

  1. la redactora permalink
    February 1, 2013 6:40 am

    You summed up 90 percent of tumblr perfectly. LOL. Indeed it is largely white men having their usual shitfits and killing other white people en masse, not black men, as white people want to believe. Have you heard about this?

    “While today’s NRA takes hardline positions against even the most modest gun control measures, this was not always the case. Throughout its history, the NRA supported gun control, including restrictions on gun ownership, and was not focused on the Second Amendment.

    But the organization had a change of heart in the 1970s when the Black Panthers advocated for an individual right to bear arms. Ironically, the Panthers were the founders of the modern-day gun rights movement, which became the purview of predominantly white, rural conservatives.”

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