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Dear Laverne Cox and SRLP: Ebony Nicole Williams Matters

August 26, 2014

Laverne Cox puts extra time in to decide what dress to parade around Hollywood in, but could care less about the fate of little girls. 

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  1. August 26, 2014 3:03 pm

    Now this evil spawn of filth and porn has his lobby (the TParty) telling the world that oh no, he didn’t murder Ebony. He didn’t rape her over and over again. He didn’t slash and slash and slash her little body, and then dump it in a Pampers box, toss it off the freeway, and of course, he didn’t burn her corpse to avoid her being identified.
    He didn’t do it alone. One of his gang friends joined in.
    Oddly enough, he was tried and found guilty of these crimes nonetheless. And he said, at sentencing, that he would ‘take (his punishment) LIKE A MAN.’ (Emphasis added.)
    Laverne Cox is still this creature’s champion; it just didn’t ‘look good’ for Cox to tell the world, via YouTube, that this child rapist and torturer and murderer should be placed in an institution for women.
    It didn’t look good for COX.
    Ebony does not matter to him.
    And if my ‘misgendering’ of Mr. Cox upsets him, perhaps he should forget himself for just one moment, and think about Ebony Nicole Williams.

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