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May 10, 2016

To support the concept of transgender is to support misogyny.

Sex, gender, and sexuality are not the same.

Gender is misogyny; therefore all people calling themselves transgender and identifying with gender are misogynistic.  Misogyny is the basis for all gender-based discrimination, since gender is a misogynistic tool, –the only purpose of which is to mark female human beings visually and psychologically as members of the sex class.  Males use femininity (gender) as a way of more easily targeting female people (biologically determined) for sexual, reproductive, and economic oppression.  Female people would be oppressed regardless, but gender (acting/dressing/presenting like a stereotypically male defined woman) serves to ease the discernment of femaleness and to make compulsory the socialization of female people into subservience.

Gender is not an identity; it is the codification of misogynist sex roles.  To identify with gender is to identify with male supremacy.

Sexuality is the biological sex that you enjoy having sex with.  Females who enjoy other females don’t want to have sex with a male dressed in stereotypical women (gender) clothes.  They want pussy (biological, not a surgically created slit) regardless of how the woman is dressed.  PUSSY,  –the genuine deal, the physical organ that responds biologically to the touch of another female.  Females who enjoy having sex with other females and prefer it exclusively, do not want some male dressed in women’s clothing (gender) to spring a penis on them.  No, they don’t.  And when they protest and refuse to have these males, they are not transphobic.  They are exhibiting their authentic desires and should not be coerced into submission.

To attempt coercion is oppression.  There is nothing sexy, revolutionary, or liberating about oppression.  NOTHING.  Oppression is the monster, not the means to liberation.

Males who are born with penises and prefer other men with penises (I want to say peni so bad, lol) are homosexual. Millions of homosexual men have loving and lasting relationships without ever presenting themselves publically as a woman.  Being a homosexual male has nothing to do with a male presenting himself in stereotypical woman’s clothes (gender).  Although there are homosexual men who enjoy drag (which is misogynistic), when doing so, they do not become transgender.  They are homosexual men dressed up in stereotypical hyper-feminized attire (gender, which is misogynistic).  Supporting rights for homosexual men does not require you by default to support males who wear dresses.  Apples and oranges.

Males who prefer having sex with females don’t want to find out the “woman” who he took home is really a male.  For that male to be angry has nothing to do with homophobia.  It has to do with deception. DECEPTION. DECEPTION. DECEPTION.  If the male dressed in stereotypical women’s clothes (gender) was honest about having a penis, then he would’ve never been in a situation to get his ass whooped by the male (born with penis) who thought he was taking home a female (born with vagina).  Liberals can howl to the moon about homophobia and they would be wrong.  Homophobia would be a case of a male homosexual who was attacked because the other male attacked him for being homosexual.  That’s homophobia.  The male presenting himself as woman is DECEPTION.

A lot of these transgender males switch their sexuality back and forth for self-satisfaction.  They could care less about having sex with males or females.  They get off to convincing either one that they are female.  So the orgasm comes when the woman-clad (gender) male tricks the female preferring male into believing he is a woman.  The same for when these woman-clad males trick lesbians into believing they are women.  Which, realistically speaking isn’t for long.  No female born woman will ever confuse a penis for a vagina, ever.  A penis is not a vagina and can never become one. No matter how collectively the bullies unite and attempt to force feed that delusion.

Hence, it is a psychological issue.  It’s not a psychological issue when a male knows he is a male and dresses in typical women’s clothes (that’s just misogyny at play).  It becomes a psychological issue when he believes doing so makes him a female and demands that others believe that it makes him a female.  Adopting the gender stereotypes of the opposite sex in which you were born does not make you the opposite sex. It makes you someone who has not aligned your sex with the behavior patriarchy expects out of you.  And that is okay.

For many not adopting gender roles is giving a middle finger to the patriarchy.  And it can be done without claiming to have changed sex.

Funny how out of sex and race, race is the biological fact that leftists believe cannot be altered. The Left and Right are on the same team when it comes to the immutable properties of race.  That is because if race can be altered, then the apple cart of white supremacy will be upset.

Liberal whites pat themselves on the back while enjoying the feeding frenzy with dragging people like Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal.  Can a white person become black because they tan and frizz up their hair while eating watermelon and fried chicken? No, of course not.  But a male can become a female by getting breast implants, applying make-up and wearing high heels? No, he is biologically male and will forever be male.

Why do you think liberal whites can see that whites cannot become black (and blacks cannot become white, Michael Jackson, Sammy Sosa), but refuse to see that males cannot become females?


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  1. May 10, 2016 8:46 pm

    A very fine post, clear, concise, very well argued. Thank you very much.

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