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The Lesbian Catholic School Student Who Was Not Allowed to Wear a Suit to Prom

May 11, 2016

Although students of private schools in the United States are not exclusively white, many are.  Also, it is safe to assume that the majority of those students are middle-class or above.  Instead of spending time and resources on public schools (I’m willing to bet without a source, that private student parents are more involved than public school parents, mainly because most private school mandate volunteer hours from parents) people with resources have abandoned public schools and have gone for the more return on investment (ROI) private schools.

You do know that private school teachers are paid shit, right? These private institutions could care less that they are exploiting labor, most likely female labor.  Private schools have a high turnover rate because of the low salary. The student survives and thrives because they are mostly from families with resources.  Money for tutors.  Time for volunteering. Extra time to sit down and give the student one-on-one face time, etc. So when the private school yields better results argument rears its ugly head, hardly ever is the major social-class differences of private school students compared to the average public school student highlighted.

The Right will fight tooth and nail (and actually the inertia of the Left aids in the Right’s fight) to underpaid public school teachers, howling and growling about tax dollars and unions.  When the fact of the matter is, teaching has been traditionally a female occupation and men (most lawmakers) don’t want women to make a decent salary.  Better salary would lead women not to rely on males as much, thus not providing males with domestic power.

I think a girl in school should be able to wear a suit or dress to the prom.  Her choice. Why not? It sucks that a lesbian is being mistreated. However, she and her mother (is there a father? I’ve only heard about  a mother) knew what they were getting into when they went the Catholic School route.  I don’t know why the public should utilize their time and resources to support an argument for someone who abandoned public schools. This girl’s fight is Catholic School business. She will reap the benefits of a private education without her parents contributing to the advancement of public schools.  Sure, the parents will probably go on about taxes.   Why don’t you slice that tax pie and see how much of their taxes are going to the public schools.  Imagine if all the parents of those private school students joined together and spent their time and energy at a public school and spent their time and energy fighting for public school teachers to make a decent salary.  Not to mention if they utilized the actual tuition they are willing to give to a Catholic school to some community project.

Essentially, the catholic school students and parents expect the public to fight for them when they suffer from restrictions set by the institutions that they willingly support, while they abandon students who do not have the same resources afforded to them in public schools.

It’s like willingly taking swimming lessons and then crying about having to get wet.

Sorry, not my fight.


Looking at the above picture, I can’t imagine how suppression of any kind would be on the agenda.

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