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The Gullibility of the Social Justice Warriors (SJW)

May 18, 2016

Most Social Justice Warriors are stupid.  They are stupid because they are mentally lazy.  When you are mentally lazy long enough then it’s over.  Lose it or use it, pal.  Take the mainstream media’s reaction to this pawn.  Where are the receipts regarding this story?  Aimee is claiming that the Babushka Lady accosted her in the restroom but has not said what she looked like.  Did the woman work at Walmart? Was she a shopper? Was she alone or had children with her?   How tall or thin or fat or short was this woman?  How was she dressed?  I’m sure Walmart could review the video tape and narrow it down to a few potential suspects.  They can hot-foot the playback when a pack of hamburger meat goes missing, so surely they can get to the bottom of such a national outrage that has been generated by this attention seeking liar.   Gender Trender has her theory and I suspect she is in the ballpark.   Why aren’t reporters trying to locate the 2016 Babushka?  The mysterious woman who caused this little angel to outrage on YouTube? Sounds like a media hoax, to me.

You have websites like Gawker driving this ship. They are the Social Justice Warrior Makers! Some guy claims fag was written on a cake and Gawker shovels coal at 10x the speed to burn a fire under minion SJWs to get the word out.  Yet, crickets when the truth comes out.  It absolutely sucks that only conservatives are keeping count.   Progressives better smarten up and stop letting these dumb asses embarrass everyone.

Mysteriously, Miss Aimee is no longer doing interviews or wanting any more attention.   Obviously, she didn’t think it through when she uploaded her little lie.



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