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Trannies are (Becoming) Legal Flashers-Potential Rapists

May 23, 2016

Apparently, the trans-“in need of professional medical attention, one with caring and compassionate psychiatric medicine and therapy without the agenda of leading patients down the living a lie will make your life better path-community suppresses any topic about regret.  From links in the comment section at Gender Trender, I landed on a few articles that recommended books and stories about regret.  I don’t care about regret, not as far as males go anyway.  It is sad to read about a woman who has gone off the deep end and removed her breast and/or attempted to have a penis fashioned out of who knows what and/or pumped her body with horrible hormones.  That is tragic.  Tragic indeed.  Reading about how one woman was so disgusted with herself that she took advantage of Belgian’s accommodating laws for euthanasia was horrifying.  That’s the second euthanasia story I read in the past week.  The first was about a woman so traumatized over childhood sexual assault that she chose euthanasia.   How horrible of a life that male violence has made for these women that they chose death over living.

As far as human compassion goes, I do sympathize for a male who wakes up to realize the monumental mistake he has made in consenting to remove his penis.  However, that is not my fight.  I say this because I felt myself being sucked in (no one’s fault but my own, unless you consider the conditioning of my upbringing and existence in a patriarchal society) to wanting to raise the alarm for others like him.  I’m sure these males had so many red flags along the way. Perhaps some flags were slapping them in the face repeatedly and their arrogance coupled with the predominately male medical community blinded them to the color red.

Probably the main culprits who actively suppress SRS regret are post-operative males who want to share their misery. And of course, the lie has to be taken to the bitter and wretched end. In addition, I suspect males who never undergo any type of surgery help with this suppression as well.  Because they do have nefarious reasons and want to have examples to point to when they are trying to make their case to have access to females and children.  Actually having surgery for most cross-dressers is nothing but yap.  A red herring.  A MacGuffin.

It’s hard to shock a woman or child with fake-vagina vs a penis.  When parading around a female locker room (the new form of flashing) an erect penis can be counted on to be seen. Because instinctively, a woman and/or child will look away and get away, a post-op trans will find it more difficult to shock anyone with his surgical opening.

How many female flashers are out in the world?

Here is an article that demonstrates flashing as a no laughing matter after a male proves hurt by one. It is always like that, it is all a joke until a male is hurt by a flasher.  And of course, males will be protected from these flashers when they are no longer in their restrooms and locker rooms but in the women’s locker rooms and restrooms.  Having legal access to female restrooms and locker rooms means these males can flash women and children without repercussion. The article states that flashing is essentially the end of the road, –no harm, no foul.  However, there have been many publications since that argument that flashing leads to more deviant and criminal behavior, such as physical and sexual assault.  Here, here, and here. You could probably google some more and if you have access to an academic database find peer review articles asserting the same.

Actually since trannies are known to be violent,  I will surmise that these unstable males are already beyond simple flashing.  They are combination flasher and rapist. It is the shock and awe of sexual assault.

No wonder so many of them are ex-military.




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