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Where are the Gay Males on This Locker/Bathroom Issue?

May 25, 2016

I will tell you where all the gay men are.  They are either vocally supporting the invasion of women spaces by pseudo-women or they are remaining silent and allowing people to interpret their silence as consent.  When trannies are out of the male bath and locker room it is win/win for gay males.  Western culture has basically accepted gay men (and there has never been the degree of violence directed toward gay males as there has been directed at women).  Sure there are pockets of resistance, but even in those areas there isn’t violence against gay males.   There is tolerance and sympathy for gay men, mostly I suspect because almost everyone has that one gay relative.  Asserting this observation does not imply that I begrudge gay men.  Your sexuality is your own. It’s ridiculous that one has to constantly put in little disclaimers but with the nature of illiterates on the internet determined to jump to conclusions and/or take positions to the extreme, one must. However, I will assert that I find gay men to be terribly misogynistic.  It benefits them just like it benefits heterosexual males.  The male sex oppresses the female sex.

Trannies and gay men as a movement have a symbiotic relationship.  Trannies piggy back on the gay movement to steal away sympathy. By persuading (or by not correcting the assumption) the majority that most trannies are gay, they are able to push their deviant agenda.  We all know most trannies are middle-aged to geriatric heterosexual white males, not gay. My god, can you fucking believe that a horrible pig in a wig who stopped having sex with his wife (because she refused to fuck a man dressed as a caricature of a woman, and she remained in the house with him albeit in another room, probably because the poor soul trapped herself into relying on his income.  Who knows) hired a surrogate to father a child (in his case twin girls) so he could have victims right in his home. No doubt he put on his full drag while raping those little babies (starting at 27 days old).  Of course that wasn’t enough for his exhibitionism.  No one could see him raping his daughters alone in his own room at home.   So, he had to take it further and post it on the internet for all the other disgusting mentally unstable need to be put down pedophiles to view and masturbate to (while in drag of course).  They say, trannies are harmless.   This, mon amie, is only one little example of the depravity of these men. You cannot make males as a class the center of all things and then expect them to go quietly in the night.  They will make themselves center stage and they don’t care to what extent they have to go.  Nothing is too morally repugnant if the goal is to have everyone looking at them.

The symbitoical aspect of the gay male and heterosexual trannie male unfolds like this:  Before trannies were able to get their agenda center stage, gay males were the target of male aggression in male restrooms.  However, as acceptance increased, that violence decreased.  Along came the heterosexual trannie (males with dicks intact who want to have penis in vagina, (P-I-V) sex) and like the opportunistic narcissists they are, they decided to bank on the preconceived notion that violence would occur in male locker/rest rooms.  Even though most trannie violence is due to a trannie lying to a heterosexual male when offering a PIV sexual encounter or a trannie double-dog daring someone to come at them (such as when a trannie is being obnoxious on public transportation). And even in those cases, the trannie is gay and often a minority and most certainly not the white heterosexual male who wants access to women and children.  The victimized gay-trannie has been upheld as the poster child of trans-violence.  When in fact the majority of trannies are not gay.  Once again, white heterosexual males have exploited the black (and/or minority) plight and repurposed it for their advantage.

Therefore, the public has been hoodwinked.  All of this brouhaha about potential violence in the men’s restroom is only a preconceived notion without any factual backing.  Where are the receipts?  It has not been proven that heterosexual males dressed in female garb will be attacked in male restrooms. Have you seen these “tall gurls?”  Ain’t no body trying to fuck with them. Everyone knows they are crazy. Nevertheless, there are plenty of cases in which males dressed in typical women’s clothing have attacked women.

But the gay males remain silence on this issue.  Why? Because they are allowing women to carry the burden. As long as the pseudo-women are in the female locker rooms and restrooms the attention will be off them.  The possibility of conflating “feminine” male (not all gay males are feminine) with trannie will be non-existent in the male restrooms because the trannies will be over there with the women in women spaces causing them to suffer.

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  1. May 27, 2016 9:12 pm

    I think plenty of gay men aren’t on board with the trans agenda, at least the comments on Datalounge appears that way. But, like any other men, they aren’t going to go to bat for women on an issue that doesn’t directly affect them. I have to disagree that the relationship is symbiotic though. Gay men don’t stand to gain anything from the T attaching itself to their movement and their newfound legitimacy. Trans is a parasite on the LGB and on feminism.

    • May 28, 2016 10:16 am

      The symbiotic relationship I am speaking of here is the unity between trans and gay men on the position of invading women’s restrooms and locker rooms. The trans attachment with the LGB is not what is centered here nor will it be anything I can or will ever center on because I am completely out of that loop. I do sympathize with lesbians being part of that because none of the other initials, G.B, or T are ever concerned about lesbians (because they are female). Again, though that is not my fight, I am an ally to that fight. However, I suspect if enough LGB wake up and agree that trans is a parasite on the LGB, the G &B will wait around for the L to deal with it and when it’s done, take all the credit for it being done. Sexism, pure and simple. Women are expected to do the dirty work and to eat the shit. If gay males have a problem with trans piggy backing their movement why aren’t they speaking up?

      If gay males have a problem with trannies invading women’s spaces why aren’t they speaking up? Gay males aren’t speaking up because they don’t give a care about lesbian or heterosexual women and they will be more than happy to get the trans out of the male restrooms and into the female restrooms. Win-win for them. With the trans out of the male restrooms, the gay males will be less of a target because they will not be conflated with being trans. Although gay males were attacked in restrooms long ago, because of gay acceptance the goal posts have moved. Also, male restrooms are not as simple as female restrooms. Where female restrooms have been spaces for assaults, male restrooms have been spaces for consensual sex. Here will come the concern trolls with “I’m a woman and I’ve had consensual sex in the woman’s restroom before.” To her, I say, bully for you. It’s the numbers. No one in their right scientific mind can compare the numbers of consensual sex in female restrooms to the numbers of consensual homosexual sex in male restrooms.

      However talking about the relationship of trans and gay men being on the same team for wanting trans to be able to invade women’s spaces, it’s win-win for both trans and gay males. Trans can do the misogyny and gain the space to harm women and/or have women give them the attention they want and gay males can go back to their male restroom culture in peace. Also, people can assume that gay males agree with the trans and the misogyny of gay males can go unnoticed. And if gay males are called on it they can always say, “it’s the trans not us, even though we didn’t speak up and straighten out the perception that we are on the same team as them.”

      TLDR: When males do not speak out it is because they are benefiting in some way, because when males are displeased with something they always speak out.

    • Mary Sunshine permalink
      May 28, 2016 10:34 am

      Kitty: an astute observation / analysis. Thank you for that.


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