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When Martyrs Need to Go Sit Down

June 8, 2016

Oh look, a letter from a martyr mom who double dog dares anyone to look at a photo of her daughter and assert that the doctor was doing her/his job by suggesting/recommending an abortion.

Just shut up already. Your sexism and abortion shaming is atrocious.

Healthy children without any disabilities require lots and lots of attention and care.  More care than many people can provide emotionally, physically, and/or financially.  To knowingly accept a disable child is knowingly burdening yourself.  I’m not suggesting that babies who have been brought to full term and birthed should be murdered, so save it already with your deflection. To act like a disable child will not be an additional burden to already raising a child is a lie.

However, having a baby with Down syndrome is not perfection.

Having a reasonably healthy child and cursing them out every single day of their lives because child-rearing is overwhelming to you is not perfection.

Having a reasonably healthy child and loving them every single day is not perfection.

But this, this open letter to the physician is pure anti-abortion propaganda.  Not to mention how it is a ploy to pit mothers (an women in general) against each other.  What ammunition for the holier than thou mother who has to deal with a child with disabilities have to hurl at a mother who dares to complain when her child is reasonably healthy.

We get it, you are a saint.  If your husband and family and you complimented you more and showed appreciation for your sacrifices (your choice), you wouldn’t need to post an open letter to the world uplifting yourself by attempting to shame a physician for suggesting an abortion (and by default shaming mothers who abort at the news of being pregnant with a disabled fetus).

Please shut up and go sit down somewhere.


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  1. Mary Sunshine permalink
    June 8, 2016 7:39 am

    😀 I prefer this mother-baby story. The link was on the same page as the anti-abortion story.

    This Brave Elephant Took The Ultimate Risk For Her Baby
    When approaching a water hole, a surprise attack by a hungry crocodile is every thirsty animal’s worst nightmare.

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