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Functional Paralysis

July 21, 2017

People are scared.  The police are killing everyone and nothing is being done.  Not only is nothing being done,  there is a knowing belief in the air that nothing will be done.  Ever.

That is, if anyone stops to take the temperature of the air.

Frustration has turned into apathy.


Download protest apps here.

Experts have proven that the more concrete, the more flooding.  Cement trucks roll like thunder.

Plagiarize smagiarize

Crooks are saying they are crooks and aren’t even daring people to do anything about it, because no one has done anything about it.

Besides, if I am a crook so are you. Your white lie is equal to releasing chemicals into a populated village.

People are keeping their heads down not because they don’t want to see, they are keeping their heads down because that is what they are doing.  They can’t bother to worry if it is because they want to see or not want to see.

Caring is free but it is withheld. No one considers why they withhold, they just do.

None of your problems has anything to do with me.

Your problem is due to you doing this this this this and this. So, not my problem.

Village, what village?  The one with the cutesy B & B?

Numbness was once a reaction to previously feeling.

The numbness is now gone.

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  1. Mary Sunshine permalink
    July 24, 2017 7:16 am

    True. People are afraid to risk their diminishing resources. Many of us care, but we don’t know where to start. Certainly, white North Americans were in no way prepared for this.

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