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December 13, 2017

Fingerlings are currently this year’s Christmas hot-trend toy.

I think it is a product for normalizing pedophilia.  Yes, I know, once again Kitty jumps from 1 to 492,233 without filling in all the steps.



  1. The minute bits of explanation demanded by the obtuse to convey understanding, but really a means to dismiss meaningful content revealed by the Cassandras of the patriarchy.

Unfortunately, you must deal with how I’m an INTJ (it’s hard for us to do steps), have a slight learning disability that inhibits expressing the patterns that draw my conclusions, my need to blanket everything in humor even though I am consciously aware of the confusion (and disdain) it causes, and the reality of the masses (particularly men) blaming every expressed anti-porn thought on the prude-ness of the questioning woman and not of the inventor/creator (regardless if the creator is non-Western or non-male) of whatever is being criticized and pointed out as normalizing porn/pedophilia and overall harmful debauchery.  Yeah, that.

Slime on Nickelodeon and any other of form of liquid goo shot in someone’s face falls into the same ballpark.  There is nothing funny about it.  The Humbert Humbert’s of the world ejaculate in their pajama pants while routinely watching reruns of nickelodeon sliming episodes.  You don’t think the man who came up with that gem didn’t have a purpose?  Let’s put him on a sofa and force him to examine his darkest thoughts and blame all of his protest on his deep-seeded need to be the center of attention.  Or we could just call it hysteria.


Slip the “l” into Fingerlings to the pedophiles delight.

Oh how clever they get to hide in plain sight.


Yes, I am a gatekeeper for children.   Someone has to be.

And if you missed my point, it’s the name of the product that I have a problem with.

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