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Trailblazing can be Lonely

February 14, 2018

Not to mention all the snakes, spiders, poisonous weeds one runs into when clearing the path.

My immediate thoughts after reading, this: India Willoughbys Not Men……..

Finally, finally, there are more articles (other than here at AROOO which will never be credited for any trailblazing thoughts because we have consistently expressed those thoughts wrapped in salt and vinegar a.k.a frothing at the mouth, instead of the socially acceptable method of applying gobs of honey and sugar to a shit sandwich) demonstrating that actual reading and listening is taking place when it comes to vomit that comes out of a trannie’s mouth.

Believe what people tell you! Trannies have been expressing their hatred for women as long as they have been jacking off in their mother’s underwear drawer.

It’s not that the trannies are only now exposing themselves, it’s women who are finally coming out of the fog of self-acclaimed enlightened adulation.  Trying to get people to actually listen and read what trannies have been saying (and doing) was like convincing a feline not to be attracted to catnip. The people who have been endorsing the trannie-agenda didn’t give a rat’s ass about trannies, they only cared about being able to shout to the top of the world that they were/are “tolerant” and “accepting,” and most of all “uber-progressive,” without ever actually listening/reading what these trannies were (are) peddling.

To be clear, trannies are peddling the total annihilation of women. Erasure. They don’t give a fuck about equality, abortion, equal-pay, lesbians, child care, pregnancy, sex-class oppression, —none of that real women stuff. Most of them are men who want to be relevant and to remain relevant.  End of story.  Don’t we all want that to some degree?  Yet, most of us, at least among the sane, understand that we are not all Olympian champions and if we were ever one, it is impossible to sustain that level for a lifetime.

The words, signs, and behavior have been there all along.   It’s like not being able to put a piece of furniture together, until you finally clear your head and read the fucking directions thoroughly.

It makes me think of that game, the telephone game.  Everyone knows it and talks about it and at this point dismisses it as cliché, but that game was created for a reason.  It was created to teach people that you must pay attention to detail.  You must listen.  You must note. You must not insert what you want/need to insert in order to make the outcome one in which you have pre-concluded. You must listen/read what is being said.  And if it is not clear, you must re-read and/or ask and ask again until you know exactly what is being said.

My heart even skipped a beat in the name of hope when I read this comment:

Willoughby refuted concerns that predatory men might take advantage of self-identification as a means to access women,

Do you really mean refuted?

Critical reading/listening skills are being employed,  —— on-line!

Glory, hallelujah!

Another example was from a comment a troll left on this post.   Of course the troll was whining but what made me delete the comment was, “your daughter’s friend…”  Well, I specifically said the story was told to my daughter from one of her friends.  The woman who took the Chinese food was not a friend of my daughter’s.  But see, this bastard needed to lump all players together in order to believe what he wanted to believe.   I just don’t have time for malicious misreading.  Careless misreading may be excused, but reading for an agenda, no, just no, suga.

Trannies are MRAs. If I wasn’t so humble (I can’t afford to be arrogant because I suffer at the slightest smirk I’m allowed) (even this post may cause me great harm today when I’m walking down some stairs) I would tell you that I told you so.

*I’m not referring to anyone at Feminist Current specifically, or even referring to them at all, more like the “feminist” blogging community in general.

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  1. Mary Sunshine permalink
    February 14, 2018 2:51 pm

    “Feminist Current” is a real phenomenon. She uses the clever new “trans-identified male” terminology, which many of us have shortened to TIM to jam them up when they try to trounce upon us for saying “tranny”. She doesn’t pull any punches.

  2. February 15, 2018 12:38 am

    peddle vs. pedal

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