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Social Grooming

February 15, 2018

Of course school shootings are horrible, horrible, but does the answer lie in everyone becoming fascists while not removing guns?  I haven’t been to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) in about five months, however, the last time I was, there were signs (including on the Mass Pike) urging everyone to report any suspicious behavior that may be real or perceived.  Although I understand where this warning comes from, –the Boston Marathon bombing, I don’t like it.   It feels like social grooming.  Fascist conditioning.

I do think the individual and the government should work together.  However, I don’t like how the individual-collective is expected to do the job for the government.  A job that is disguised as protecting the people but in reality will further control the people.

In the Guardian today:

Former classmates of the suspected gunman, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder on Thursday, described him as “weird” and “a loner”, and said “everyone predicted” he would “do something”. Last year he was expelled from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland for disciplinary reasons.

Okay, Cruz was a weird loner that many people predicted that he would do something horrific and he did.  But what exactly is the message here?  Aren’t there some elements of, “We should’ve locked him up (or killed him even) before he did anything bad to anyone?”  If we did that, wouldn’t we be locking a lot of people up?  Hasn’t that been done in history already?

The article continues with a gem from 45.

In a tweet on Thursday morning Donald Trump made no mention of gun control, instead focusing on Cruz’s background. “So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior,” Trump wrote. “Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!”

First, I like how the word “president” isn’t used before Donald Trump. LMAO!

Now, I’m bored with this because it’s all just circular isn’t it.  Trump urges people to inform authorities, but to what end?  Will there be adequate non-criminalized help and guidance?  Will there be fewer guns?  Or will there be more people willing to tell on their neighbors? Snitching that will help the government control the people more than the people are being controlled now.

Have you ever had to defend yourself against an anonymous complaint from social services? Personally, I haven’t, though I know people who have.  Social workers, supposedly altruistic by profession, come barging into your life without a drop of compassion and armed with an arsenal of suspicion.   It’s not pretty.  Actually, funny that!  I say people, in reality it has all been women that I’ve known.  Women who had to prove that they were not neglecting or abusing their children.  And the government’s answer has been to decrease benefits and increase suspicion (everyone’s lying to get that $228 a month in SNAP for that family of 5!).

The hammer comes down harder on the alleged abuse/neglect of children (which I’m not encouraging a deaf ear when it comes to possible abuse, however, I do know that some people use reporting to CPS/DFCS as a tool for personal grievances and the government takes harsher action when they think you are trying to steal money from them to feed your children) but the option of taking the  guns away is off-limits.

I get ahead of myself.  Having the man evaluated is off-limits as well, because funding for mental health is essentially non-existing.  What is available is cruel, crude, and insufficient.

So other than creating a society in which everyone tells on everyone, what is the point in telling on anyone if there is no real assistance/help?


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