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The Ubiquitousness of Uniqueness

February 16, 2018

Since the mass availability of the internet, unicorns and the image of unicorns have been corrupted and desecrated.

Throw in butterflies and fairies.

A moment of silence has been requested.

Below, Valentine the giver couldn’t bother to fill out:


Or wait, let me put my SJW hat on: “Maybe the child was from a disadvantaged home and those Valentines were all they could come up with, and no one was home to fill them out for zir, because the caregiver was working 180 hours at zir tech job, and trying to transition and supervise a Gofundme account while protesting why SNAP cannot be used to buy dog food and hot food at Whole Foods.  Just speculating because I haven’t actually experienced poverty, but I like playing along. #notallunicorns.”

ETA:  What did I tell you?  There is nothing unique about Lucky Charms.  Capitalism, baby.

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