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Ye Miserable, Crawling Worms….

February 20, 2018

Whenever I click on to AROOO and read this to the right: “Ye miserable, crawling worms, are ye here again, then?……… I laugh to myself.

It’s so true.  You all come here, hungry, dying to read anything, something, it’s like food, some yummy and some full of salt, but you still come “Ye miserable, crawling worms.”

Here’s the deal, you can provide content too, but you are in prison, more of a prison than I am, and I am in a prison.  Your prison is that you still care what people think about you and on the internet no less.  I can understand if you had to deal with people in real life, like at work and/or during business transactions such as the loan officer at the bank, there you must hold your tongue, but this is the internet.

Yes, the same dangerous ugly ass internet that has been around since blogs starting thumping.

The fucking FBI couldn’t even find someone who asserted that he wanted to be a professional school shooter, yet you are afraid of saying your opinion. Afraid of the bad press?  Here’s a clue, no one gives a fuck about you.  I know.  I have one of the saddest stories out there, and the majority doesn’t care.  Because women do everything wrong and deserve everything they get, –so I have been told in action/inaction since forever.

I read on Feminist Current how rape victims have to be perfect.

Oh, honey, that reminds me of Rosa Parks and how the civil rights movement knew already how victims had to be flawless. They knew that their “victim” had to be the best victim.

I think women understand that everything they do or say will be dismissed as wrong, but they still don’t believe it, not totally, not to the heart of the matter.  Imagine the extent that extends to black women specifically, —never doing anything right, squared.  EVER!


People protect their opinions all the time.

You think men, white men in power entertain offering a platform in which everyone has a say. No, they do not. They protect their view.

Yet, you are scared to share and hear your own voice.


Because you may be called crazy, privilege, white, radical, dyke, lesbo, a TERF, racist, fag, faggot, low-shelf, anti-white, slut, whore, oppressor, an apple, fat, anorexic, etc. etc. LOL!  Life steadily attempts to kick my ass, why would I allow your words to hurt me, personally, <—-I mean, because god let’s not let some SJW come in talking about words and hierarchies and power.  We already know this already, you smug fuck.

You know what else; I like those kids in Florida.  I really do.  Everyone thought the millennials were going to save the world.  No, the millennials were too busy being internet SJWs and patting themselves on the back.  Now, the next generation came along and said, “Fuck this shit!” And, they are also saying, “We don’t care what you say about us, we aren’t going to melt into a pool of liquid goo.”

Those kids in Florida are what the Millennials want credit for being without actually being it?  And who would’ve thought Florida would be the where.  Florida, the drunk and perverted uncle at the picnic.

Connecticut had their chance with Sandy Hook.  God that was horrible. SO FUCKING HORRIBLE. Yet, like the rest of New England and the Upper East Coast they were all too in love with themselves and too busy bragging about how they weren’t the South to actually do anything.

What has this world come to?


“Ye miserable, crawling worms, are ye here again, then?

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