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Invisible People Don’t Need Guns

February 22, 2018

People wouldn’t feel as if they needed a gun if they were invisible like me.

At first I didn’t believe I was invisible.  When I look in the mirror I see me.  But, maybe that’s how it works for invisible people, they can see themselves, while others cannot see them.

I first realized that I was invisible when people in the store would come right up to me in an aisle and reach right across me to grab something from the shelf.  Nothing else could explain this.  The aisle wasn’t crowded.  They didn’t say, “excuse me.”  They would just reach right across my body/face and get what they wanted.  Sometimes they would come and stand right there, right in front of me for minutes.

People cannot hear invisible people either.

People cannot feel the pain of the invisible.  I know this because sympathy is always withheld when I am in pain.  Sympathy is free, yet it is always withheld.  I cannot believe people would withhold what is free, so the only logical conclusion must be, that they cannot see my pain.

What else can possibly explain this other than I must be invisible?

When you are invisible the shooter cannot see you to shoot at you, therefore, you do not need to arm yourself.

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