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Fauxgressives are Taking a Beaten Right Now

April 17, 2018

….and it is about time….

From the murdering hipster couple who paraded their black children around for hipster points to the Starbucks brand, Fauxgressives are now, finally, taking some heat.

Come May 29, 2018 how many fauxgressives will be jones-ing by 3:00 p.m?

And it’s not coming from their arch nemesis, — the Repugs/NeoCons.

No, what we are seeing here is, tainted fruit ripen by their own adoration.

Fauxgressives [From Urban Dictionary, lol]

Hypocritical middle-class white people who think they’re liberals when they’re really just Democrats. Middle class white people who refuse to take off their Happy Magic Fun Privilege Goggles and see the world around them for what it really is. Self-identified “liberals” who remain willfully ignorant of the struggles faced by members of oppressed races and classes, despite being alerted to their blind spots by their peers. Fauxgressives may decline to participate in social justice activities and movements because they live in large cities and believe that racism, classism, ableism and other forms of prejudice and oppression don’t exist anymore. Fauxgressives will cling to their ignorance as an excuse to maintain their social, racial and economic privilege.

I’ve been telling yall.  But you know what kept you from listening to the likes of me?


“Emma, what is she talking about? I don’t understand her accent!”

…….and the pesky little reality that I have in fact spent my life as and among the underprivileged, for real for real and have been able to not only survive but also talk about.


Here is the thing with the “It’s not her/his story to tell……” and the most famous of all, “Her story lacks authentication.”  [A.K.A. Shut that shit up because it does not fit neatly into the perfectly square box that I have constructed in order to maintain my pure as driven snow image as a social justice warrior].

When I was surviving my darkest hour (I’ve had a few in my 50 years on this earth), I wasn’t able to tell my story, and I know it will still not ever be told in a way that would satisfy the fauxgressives. They will always be trying to find an “out,” to justify placing their pet project (currently trannies) above everyone else’s tales and heartache of “dreams deferred.”

Therefore, as much as I feel like it, I am going to tell stories of what I’ve seen/witnessed/know of whether it is mine or not.  The people I know in my stories will never, NEVER be able to tell their stories.  That’s not a criticism, a judgment, nor am I “pathologizing” anyone. Fact. Just that.

It’s simply stories that I am in a position to play witness to. Looking in, being in, looking out, from out, from in, from out and in, from in-in-out-out from around.

Yet, let them (as I said in my previous post) (them being fauxgressives) talk their language with the proper checked boxes and the dutiful disclaimers and “Oh, so good.” Followed by, “Thank you for that brave piece!”

Folks still ran over to them because the game of pointing out how the one(s) telling the real stories from the trenches failed to “respect the safe space,” or “Use the pre-determined whatever……..”  or “was appropriating” or whatever the fuckity fuck.

The terms and conditions were simply a way for middle-class America to control the narrative.

If you are on this internet every day, more than likely you are not in your darkest hour, or your prolonged and extended darkest days. Or not as dark as it had been.  Your story should be able to be told without the invisible handcuffs fauxgressives want to apply.

What kind of society refuses to accept an occasional misstep.  Oh, I know, one who refuses to take any steps.  “See, I can talk about her mis-steps, because I’ve have never had a mis-step………..actually, I have never taken a step before….YAY ME!”


If your happy ass is sitting up in Starbucks or brandishing your Starbucks cup around campus you are allowing yourself to be part of a statement. I’m not saying not to go to Starbucks or that you should’ve never went to Starbucks, because I am quite sure they are just as evil (or not) as anyone else, i.e. McDonalds.  Money wants to make money.  We all know this.

I’m saying recognize the book cover for what it is/was, –camouflage.  Camouflage that gave you points. “How can I possibly be – racist, classist, sexist?  I go to Starbucks for Christ sakes!?  And I have this tattoo…..and I call Ubers………..and…….I love Scan and Go!”

The same progressive points you get when you broadcast how your pet is a “rescue” pet. I see you with your dog/cat.  I see that your dog/cat is well taken care of.  By default, I believe that you love your dog/cat.  Why exactly do I need to hear that it was a rescue? Come on.  Look deep inside yourself and admit why you use the word rescue when you talk about your pet.  We all need approval.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  What’s wrong with your use of “rescue,” your excessive and overwrought use of “rescue,” is how you know it’s a fucking dog whistle. It’s not just bad guys who utilize dog whistles, you know.  It’s a “I’m so benevolent for rescuing this dog, so I don’t need to examine anything else.”

Or maybe I should get all ivory tower and say it’s a signifier. One that you enjoy having. One that separates you from the riff-raff.

I wish I could find the comment; actually, comments,– on how many Millennials gave themselves a break.  Well, the actual words were something along the lines of “I’m going to give us [Millennials]some slack….”  The giving of slack was about how they allowed their moment of social change to escape [due to arrested development that supposedly they had no hand in] while trying to pretend that they admire and support (without looking like haters!) the Parkland Shooting warriors.  Knock. Knock. When have you not given yourself some slack? Your whole life has been one long blameless orgy.  Damn, do better!

♪ Who y’all think y’all frontin’ on?

♫ Like bra, bra, bra

[“DID YOU SEE THAT!  KITTY IS Appropriating!  NO FAIR.  AUTOMATIC DISMISSAL”] –some privileged fucker.


It’s a good time to be alive.

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