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What is Kanye Really Saying?

May 2, 2018

When your belly is full and you have a roof over your head without any danger of losing said roof, a lot of nonsense can flow out of your mouth.  It really is an example of privilege.  That is why I have always maintained that people whose stories should be told are the very people who will never get to tell those stories, not in this setting anyway.  The internet, and the leisure that comes with being able to sit and write doesn’t often visit those who are exhausted from life. I think of myself and what I’ve been through in the last four years.  I think of my mother, and my brothers, and all of my extended family.  None of them is comfortable enough with the security of their necessities in life, that they can sit down often and convey their stories online.  Not to mention how sharing alone would trigger most of them because they would assume (rightfully so) that they will be mocked for trying.

Even my words, often filled with anger and half-thoughts are dismissed by the master narrators.  They are dismissed because I don’t speak the same language.  Although I have a college degree from a formal education from a face-to-face school, all those years of conditioning before that education is still there, between the words.  I am incapable of speaking the master narrator’s language because I don’t have generations of security that has ingrained that language into my marrow.  Oh, I can turn a phrase and I can occasionally get a point across, but the lack of privilege upbringing seeps through enough to warn the master narrators that I am to be dismissed.  Anyone with a double/triple-consciousness understands this.  Thankfully, for me, I no longer have to be accepted.  Of course, it would be nice to be accepted, thus validated, but I have reconciled that it will never happen.  Not only have I reconciled that fact, I am almost completely at a point in which I will never desire it again.

(The more I speak about it, the more I will no longer want to speak about it. /goals)

My daughter’s premature death, and my need to divorce my cheating and emotionally and financially abusive husband have taught me, that society in general don’t give a damn about anything but what they want to give a damn about.  And, that give a damn is usually something earnest appearing enough, but not too consuming to feed the ego of the privilege.  To pat the backs of the pseudo-do gooders. For example (and I know I mentioned this before), successful GoFundMes are always for some total bullshit (like the 19 year old gay kid who stepmother called him a fag.)  I mean really, oh how he suffered from being called a fag. /sarcasm.  He suffered so much that everyone needed to get together and give him an exorbitant amount of money. (Give me a dollar for every time someone called me a bitch, cunt, cis-scum die, etc.)   While some woman is once again out there risking her life. No one is lining up to give that woman any big time college fund and apartment rent money, because, what? Because that’s her mandated plight in the patriarchy?  Privilege people don’t get any feel good out of helping her. Only pet projects centered around males (or animals) are worth attention.

All of that to say, Kanye is coming from a place of privilege; therefore, he is talking out of his ass. Oh blah blah blah blah about how there is some black male intersection.  His success and money now buffer most of those potential woes.

What I believe he is trying to say by asserting that slavery was a choice is, “There were more slaves than masters, so why didn’t the slaves revolt?”  This of course is total tosh and demonstrates a complete ignorance of structural oppression. That point of view is coming from someone with his belly full and his shelter secured, someone whose privilege gets him out of potential jams that materialize simply from existing.  He needs to take heed that it was Bill Cosby’s talking down to black folks that ignited his downfall.  For the record, I do believe West has the capacity for empathy where Cosby does not, but that difference will not save his soul if he doesn’t pull himself together.

To me, Kanye desperately wants to appeal to the master narrators.  He wants to be heard.

Who doesn’t?

Not only does he want to be heard, he wants to be perceived as being great.  But what he hasn’t learned yet, unless he learns to speak in the master’s language, he will be dismissed and ridiculed for not getting it right, —their right.

I know personally. I’ve only been able to have little successes here and there lately because my teenage daughter has been on hand to translate for me.  She is very good at translating my emails, resumes, and responds into white middle class speak.  That’s irony for you.  I tolerated 20 years of emotional and financial abuse from a black man (who is now with an older white working-class woman whose family puts the R in Redneck, and whose parents spend their every waking hour on Facebook complaining about Colin Kaepernick and have voted Republican since the beginning of time. But, to them, he is one of the “good ones.” and that is what he needs. LOL!  Racism can twist a person up) and the result/reward was raising a kid who can speak white middle class speak. HA!

Although I don’t agree with Kanye’s support for Trump or his views on slavery being a choice (I mean, WTF?  Talk about a bunch of wrong words stringed together) I do agree  that there is currently an attack on free thought.  And that is why I would no longer suggest that he gets himself a formal education, as I would’ve suggested say fifteen years ago. Presently, a formal education may cause him to swing from one direction of fascism to another, i.e. he will be touting the rhetoric that males are females, –that mind voodoo fucked up chestnut being pushed out of universities as I type this.  Toe the line or else.  If that is not fascism.  How many liberals have spoken out against the organized violence against women that trannies promote? I’ll wait.

Also, it doesn’t help that I suspect that he is a bit of a narcissist. Throw that in the mix and you have that famous mashup of ignorance and arrogance.  Ugly-ugly combination.  In addition, it does not help that he has surrounded himself with people who all lack moral possession.

The man needs intervention. But, I’m not the one.  The people he needs to intervene on his behalf are the very people he is offending.

Not my business though.


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