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Violent Trannie Alert

May 11, 2018

Trannies put the Creep in Creep.

This photo was made available to the public. Free speech photo.

On Turrell Grisham’s facebook page he describes himself as “A person who loves and helps those who need or ask for it #pride gay/pansexual genderfluid.”

A Fayetteville man was sentenced Friday (May 4) to 12 years in prison for sharing child pornography and beating up his infant sister last year.

Turrell Grisham, 19, pleaded guilty in Washington County Circuit Court to 29 counts of sharing child pornography, three counts of engaging children in sexually explicit conduct, second-degree battery and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Fayetteville police initially arrested Grisham in January 2017 after he admitted to beating his 20-month-old sister, according to a preliminary arrest report.

Grisham said he dropped his sister on a stack of binders, struck her in the eye with a baby bottle and pulled her hair, the report said. Grisham told police he went overboard with his punishment while babysitting.

The child suffered bruising and swelling on her right cheek and eye area, as well as bruising to her inner ears, the report said.

Grisham was arrested again in April 2017 after his mother discovered child pornography on his cell phone.

Police searched the phone and found that three teens had sent more than 30 sexually explicit files of themselves to Grisham, according to a preliminary arrest report.

Grisham, who lied about being a minor, also sent several of his own graphic photos to the victims, the report said.

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