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“Woke” White People Are Just as Racist as Sleeping White People

May 15, 2018

*ETA: Looks like the classist comments were sanitized and deleted.  Before, there was 100 comments, now there are  only 71, and many of those first comments were white people bragging about how they pulled themselves out of rural poor America so why can’t other poor whites do the same. Instead of leaving the comments there to show everyone how the “woke” white people responded to a piece that clearly demonstrates structural racism, they erased the comments to protect the image of being a site for “woke” white people.  HA! Can someone say, Fragility.


They only come off as different because they have learned what and where to navigate, until of course, they get too comfortable.

If you are a “Woke” white person and cannot point out racism without being classist against white people, you are revealing your failure to be what you claim yourself to be, —woke.

In other words, you are a racist.

You cannot be one without being the other.

Sexism, racism, and classism are all the same thing, only whose neck is being stepped on and how differs. And you can quibble about the varying degrees in various incidents/situations, but it still boils down to someone’s neck being stepped on.

Getting to the root of oppression is getting to the root of oppression.  You cannot stop at the point of the root that still has a sweetness that appeals to you; you must dig deeper to reach the systemic root.

“Woke” white people love to re-purpose anything and everything that will make them appear superior to whatever other they can utilize.  If it is out of fashion to use black people as the other then they will turn to whatever group that will serve their purpose. Right now, one of that other is rural white people who most likely voted for Trump. Although you (as a white person) may feel disdain for a Trump voter and think it is okay to point out many of their flaws, including and not limited to them (the rural white Trump voter) being racist, doing so in a way that mimics the oppressors does not give you a Get out of Racism card.  What I recognize when I see you do this is the same technique used by the oppressor for centuries.  The funny thing is, you didn’t need a training course in handling those tools, you picked them right up and wielded them as if they were familiar friends.

Surely, rural white America’s racism, hypocrisy, apathy and failure to assimilate into society without needing government assistance can be exposed and discussed without using hierarchies to demonstrate how you are superior to them.  Isn’t that exactly what those white racist rural Americans are doing when they expect to receive government hand outs without shame but find it acceptable to point the finger at inner city welfare recipients?  Or whatever code word that means anyone other than white people.

[None of the above implies that racism is over.  I am talking about the behavior of “woke” white people].

Many of the clearly classist commenters at The Slot’s link seem to see themselves as the “One,” the “exception,” the A.K.A. “Uncle Tom,” or should we say, Clarence Thomas, but in the white classism sphere.  They pulled themselves up out of the racist white rural South [South is always the default geographical location even though I saw and talked to so many racist white people in New England that it wasn’t even entertaining, and many of the commenters at The Slot are placing themselves in the Rust belt, but still, I have to point out that everyone loves to shit on the South for doing exactly what they are doing] by their bootstraps and by God they learned how to catch a city bus and order Starbucks without a country accent! They even use whitening toothpaste and suppress their sexual urges for their first cousin once removed.

Fuck right off, you classist, racist, sexist asshole.

The same behavior from “Woke” white people is revealed when anything and I mean anything is mentioned about Iggy Azalea [Using Iggy Azalea does not imply/infer that I support her behavior.  She is simply an example]. Abusing Azalea is cathartic and safe. The “Woke” white people get extra slices of cake, often from black people for sticking it to Iggy and they also earn anti-racist points. Those points can go a long way when they are delivering anecdotes about how superior they are to the rest of their rural family who never manage to pull themselves up and learn how to use a bus transfer.  Moreover, who can blame black people; particularly black women for criticizing Iggy Azalea?  After all, black women are human, and are capable of seeing the injustice with her promotion.  Hell, it has to feel good to have some support outside of the black community at times, and “Woke” white people are capitalizing on this.

But, that’s not my argument.

My argument is the “Woke” white people who attack Iggy for a couple of reasons. I’ve mentioned this behavior before, here.  “Woke” white people get to behave in a sexist matter and not be called out on it because the target is Iggy.  “Woke” white people get to accumulate anti-racism points when targeting Azalea because they appear to be fighting in the name of anti-appropriation (“woke” white people don’t care two straws about Iggy appropriating anything.  If they did, none of them would ever let up on Eminem or any other white male rapper.)

No, the pleasure gained by beating up on Azalea comes from Iggy’s femaleness, low-class signifiers, and hanging out with black people (mostly black men).

So many people love to beat up on women [sexism] (all women.  Here, at AROOO, defaulted women is not white women, but women)  and who makes a better target than “a piece of female white trash,” that “woke” white people can capitalize on.

Lower class status is always an easy target [classism], as you see by comments on The Slot article.

And ……ding  ….ding …ding ….ding, by targeting Iggy so viciously, there is an attempt to punish her for failing to uphold her whiteness.  It’s okay to have black friends, but it’s just a NO, a big fat punishing no if you immerse yourself and surround yourself with black people [racism] all the time.  For that, “Woke” white people must drag her endlessly.  How dare she jeopardize whiteness like that by electing to prefer the company of non-whites.


Remember, Classism, Racism, and Sexism all are fed and watered by the same roots.

Never underestimate how the oppressor will re-purpose.

Never underestimate how the oppressor will re-purpose.

Never underestimate how the oppressor will re-purpose.

If you want to do something about Trump’s racist policies, do something.  Finding a way  to hierarchize yourself over others does nothing for anything systematically.   It does stroke your individual ego though and it upholds, racism, classism, and sexism.  Well done.

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  1. May 15, 2018 1:27 pm

    Now THIS is the, critically thinking, watch-your-ass, Kitty I know! Keep writin’ Darlin’ — work it out, FOR YOU!! So proud of you, Woman!

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