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May 19, 2018

“I’ve Always Kind of Felt Like Eventually It Was Going to Happen Here Too”

“Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.” — The Alchemist, by Paul Coehlo.

A school getting shot up doesn’t immune that school from getting shot up again, —Kitty.


Will every high school in the United States have a school shooter before the previously shot-up schools get shot up again, or will some of the schools that got shot up get shot up again before all of the schools experience a school shooting?

Exactly how is this going to work?  I need to know, I do  have grandchildren that will eventually attend high school, —not that middle schools and  elementary schools are immune.

My teenager made it out of high school before her school was shot up, –not to imply it has been shot up yet. But most of the students half-joked and half not and wondered  aloud where a particular student was on any given day.  One girl suggested an app be created to notify everyone of his daily whereabouts.  I reminded her that it could very well be someone else other than him who takes up the gun.  Several girls thought he was the likely suspect since he pushed a girl down the stairs and called her a whore, and the only explanation he had for doing so was that she was in his way.  His parents argued (successfully) that his 504 should be considered when it was time to dole out punishment.  Yet, I don’t know what else the school could’ve done.  We can’t go around and lock up people who we think may shoot up the school.

We can take guns away.

If every person who owns a gun in the name of hunting actually hunted I don’t think I would ever see a dead deer on the road.  The deer would be up high in the mountains hiding somewhere away from a Starbucks,  Buc-ees, Cumberland Farms, or IN-n-Out or wherever it is that great hunters must have access to for replenishment.  No hunter worth his salt would go to Dunkin’.

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