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Lending Texas my Thoughts and Prayers

May 21, 2018

Looks like tough talking Texas is rolling over and keeping guns above children, and flipping off Florida đź–•.

Gotta make that whore have that unwanted pregnancy though, if not, there won’t be any more students to shoot up.

Since Texas strategy centers on Thought and Prayers, particularly waxing on about how important it is that prayer is brought back into the classroom.  I had a think about that.  A long think and I have concluded, or attempted to translate what they are saying.  I have concluded that they are saying that the schools are unprotected without prayer.  That God refuses to protect the schools since no one is actively praying for his protection.

To do my bit, I “researched” (LOL, the gratuitous use of that word never gets old), and to help the kitties I have listed (and will consider self-publishing my plagiarized list if offered money and fame) what needs to be done to protect the schools, and how those  enchantments must be cast thoughts and prayers must be executed.

Purpose: Protective enchantments are spells used to protect an area that the caster wants protected. The spells that are cast usually last a long time and shield specific places that the caster intended to shield. There are many different types of protective enchantments.

Casting: In order to protect a certain place, the caster has to repeat incantations of charms over and over in the area they wish to protect. The spells circle the area and create a light effect similar to a heat wave around the protected area.

Known enchantments:

Cave inimicum

Disillusionment Charm

Fianto Duri

Muffliato Charm

Muggle-Repelling Charm

Protego horribilis

Protego Maxima

Protego Totalum

Repello Inimicum

Salvio hexia

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