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Hypocritical White Boy Throws Privilege Fit at Catholic School

May 28, 2018

636631906664803089-Christian-Bales-megaphoneChristian Bales, the valedictorian of Holy Cross High School in Crestview Hills, Kentucky.

What we have here is classism, big time.  And of course racism and sexism (where there is classism, there is sexism and racism, where there is racism, there is sexism and classism, where there is classism, there is racism and sexism).

From Bales’ speech, “…. …Izzy, Juliana, Katherine and I fought to defend our history and relocate the Jefferson Davis memorial in the Kentucky State Capitol building.  Many of you went on the March for Life to protect the lives of the unborn, and the list goes on…. […] We must take what we’ve learned in this community and apply it to the world we are about to encounter.”

Translation:  Inflict our Catholic way of thinking on the world.

People get distracted when they hear how he wanted to talk about school shootings, or how he may have dressed less masculine than preferred by school officials, that he is gay, and/or his free speech may have been hindered.

Red herrings.

Yet he is forgiven for advocating against women. He is forgiven for his white supremacy. White liberal leaning people are contorting themselves to give this boy a high-five.  “But, but, but, but………..he’s gay and white and smart………so who cares that he is a sexist-racist twat!  He will grow out of that!”

Nothing to see here other than another racist-sexist-classist religious snowflake who insists on appropriating the underprivileged in order to center himself.

It doesn’t matter that this boy is gay (and trannie leaning).  It really doesn’t matter because his little privilege-fit at his privilege private education has nothing to do with the general populace.  This is classism.  He wants what he wants because he believes his social class should get what they want.

As my position regarding the lesbian girl who threw a privilege-fit when she wasn’t allowed to dress like a stereotypical boy at her prom, they don’t get to utilize the public to fight their petty social injustices.  The very same injustices that were set by the institutions that they willingly support(ed), while abandoning students who do not have the same resources afforded to them in public schools.  They make it out as if they are suffering due to being gay.  In my opinion that is wrong-headed for gay rights.  But, that’s not my fight.

They (people who whine about their catholic schooling) have no problem setting themselves up nicely for college placement but expect by turning to the media, the (great) unwashed to support them when they decide to bite the hand that set them up.  They have no problem isolating themselves from the public school children.   They have no problem using the private school to push their way up in a capitalist society.

Funny how the Catholic’s position on abortion doesn’t matter one bit to these people.

It’s another example how the less fortunate don’t mean jack all to the privilege until the privilege aren’t allowed to do whatever they damn well please.  Why couldn’t this boy and his mother keep their whining within the Catholic community?

Of course when he didn’t follow the rules, –submit his speech for approval, and then edit/adjust said speech, he decided to forgo all of that and pull a little stunt outside of the graduation because he knew the Catholic community wouldn’t tolerate his tomfoolery.

I don’t see a hero.  I see a boy who is setting himself up to be the next cross-dressing man who assaults a woman or girl for simply existing.  That and/or stealing water from some third world country and charging them for it while his wall street riches become astronomical.

The boy is a hypocrite.   Or to quote the man his family most likely voted for, “Nothing burger.” LOL!

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  1. May 28, 2018 8:02 pm

    Oh, I see the trashy people at Jezebel wrote about this too. HA! Predictable that they side with the little white boy who hasn’t said shit about a woman’s right to choose or children not being raped by priests. SJWs are so predicable. If you want to fit in, choose the side of the biological white male every time and you will be in like Flynn.

  2. Yisheng Qingwa permalink
    May 30, 2018 8:51 pm

    Look at those dead shark eyes… the eyes of a Narcissist, misogynist prick.

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