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Make Friends, and Help Stamp out the Culture of Discontent

June 8, 2018

Stop digging your heels in and judging people for not being exactly like you are, and make friends.

Accept people as they are and work around your differences.

When you drew the line in the sand, then dug that line deeper and deeper until it was an impassable ditch, you created your future loneliness.  Your future despair.

Your arrogance and smugness from “being right,” has isolated you.

If you feel lonely, it is your own fault.

Fortnite is not your friend.

The only scorekeeper is you.  Your points do not make you richer or more tolerable. Those won points are invisible to everyone else but you.

Join the world without bragging about how you joined the world.

Stop taking selfies, and photos of your restaurant food (it probably has too much salt anyway!) and it’s nothing more than flaunting.

I’m not dismissing you when I say you are not special. I’m simply stating that you are not special. I’m not special either.  The sooner you internalize that reality, the sooner you can begin living a rewarding life.

Stop demanding that the world revolve around you, and get in orbit.  YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL.

No one believes your “lifestyle” is as great and glamorous as you think people believe. If you convince others that your “lifestyle” is as great and glamorous as you portray, then you are responsible for their despair when their mimicking backfires.

Stop self-diagnosing.  If you need help, get help.

Yes, you have had a choice and you didn’t think of the future when you made that choice.  Start thinking about the future.

Be a friend.

Be authentic. Really authentic, not selfie-staged authentic.

Time is not endless.

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  1. Mary Sunshine permalink
    June 8, 2018 10:29 am

    Hah! gotta keep up with all the shifting nym’s, eh? 🙂

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