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Violence and Men Pretending to be Women

January 8, 2023

Almost any reasonable person would define violence (and/or the concept of violence) as an action involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.  There has long since been a universal understanding of what violence is and is not.  

Violence is brutality. Violence is physical.  

The concept of violence is not to be conflated with abuse.  Abuse can be manifested in several forms, physical, emotional, financial, etc. Of course, abuse can be violent.  However, abuse does not have the non-variability that the concept of violence has.

Violence is violent, –physical.

That is not to say that violence cannot be used figurately (as an adjective or adverb for an example) in prose or poetry to imply something other than physical violence. For example, violent emotions, etc. or a violent expression, “The wind violently whipped my face along the Chicago lakeside…” 

BFFR. You know what violence means.  

Thus, bringing me to my latest observation.  Men pretending to be women have yet again negated the violence that women suffer in reality by claiming that if one dares to use a pronoun other than the one he wants you to use, you are committing an act of violence. He is suffering from violence.  He should be compensated for the violence that has been inflicted upon his self-identified entitled ass.

See, a woman being brutality murdered for existing is the same as a man being called a “he.”


When a man stalks and kills a woman, he commits violence.  When the police kill black motorists, those police officers are exercising violence.

Men pretending to be women are not suffering from violence.  They are suffering from rejection.  Rejection is a reality that we all have to live with to some extent since the day we are born.

Actually, there are lists floating all over the internet of men who pretend to be women who are themselves quite violent.  One was recently executed in Missouri (…..convicted of stalking and killing a former girlfriend, then dumping the body near the Mississippi River in St. Louis.)

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  1. marysunshineredux permalink
    January 29, 2023 11:48 pm

    You re-surfaced !! ❤ Hallelujah!

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