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Financial Help Needed

I know there is always a campaign in which someone is looking for some free money.  I understand this.  Typically, people give to campaigns they can identify with.

However, I am a desperate  woman, who really needs some help.  I need to get far far away.

If you are searching to help someone, please consider this campaign.  Consider sharing on your social media as well.

The first two donations were from my brothers.  My oldest brother paid my divorce attorney retainer.   I’m grateful.  It tapped them out though.

I used to get some help from my grandchildren’s paternal-grandmother, but she is currently fighting a cancerous scalp/brain tumor.  She literally has a hole in her head that she is trying to recover from.  Also, she is undocumented.  Luckily she was able to obtain the medical services of medical school in return for allowing an endless slew of medical students whipping out their cell phones and taking pictures of her tumor/wound.

The paternal-grandfather is dead.

The maternal-grandfather has had three triple bypass surgeries and is currently awaiting a fourth.  No doctor wants to do it because they believe he will die on the table.

My daughter asked me today, what have we done to anyone to have to face so much misery while we are trying to survive.

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