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“Woke” White People Are Just as Racist as Sleeping White People

May 15, 2018

*ETA: Looks like the classist comments were sanitized and deleted.  Before, there was 100 comments, now there are  only 71, and many of those first comments were white people bragging about how they pulled themselves out of rural poor America so why can’t other poor whites do the same. Instead of leaving the comments there to show everyone how the “woke” white people responded to a piece that clearly demonstrates structural racism, they erased the comments to protect the image of being a site for “woke” white people.  HA! Can someone say, Fragility.


They only come off as different because they have learned what and where to navigate, until of course, they get too comfortable.

If you are a “Woke” white person and cannot point out racism without being classist against white people, you are revealing your failure to be what you claim yourself to be, —woke.

In other words, you are a racist.

You cannot be one without being the other.

Sexism, racism, and classism are all the same thing, only whose neck is being stepped on and how differs. And you can quibble about the varying degrees in various incidents/situations, but it still boils down to someone’s neck being stepped on.

Getting to the root of oppression is getting to the root of oppression.  You cannot stop at the point of the root that still has a sweetness that appeals to you; you must dig deeper to reach the systemic root.

“Woke” white people love to re-purpose anything and everything that will make them appear superior to whatever other they can utilize.  If it is out of fashion to use black people as the other then they will turn to whatever group that will serve their purpose. Right now, one of that other is rural white people who most likely voted for Trump. Although you (as a white person) may feel disdain for a Trump voter and think it is okay to point out many of their flaws, including and not limited to them (the rural white Trump voter) being racist, doing so in a way that mimics the oppressors does not give you a Get out of Racism card.  What I recognize when I see you do this is the same technique used by the oppressor for centuries.  The funny thing is, you didn’t need a training course in handling those tools, you picked them right up and wielded them as if they were familiar friends.

Surely, rural white America’s racism, hypocrisy, apathy and failure to assimilate into society without needing government assistance can be exposed and discussed without using hierarchies to demonstrate how you are superior to them.  Isn’t that exactly what those white racist rural Americans are doing when they expect to receive government hand outs without shame but find it acceptable to point the finger at inner city welfare recipients?  Or whatever code word that means anyone other than white people.

[None of the above implies that racism is over.  I am talking about the behavior of “woke” white people].

Many of the clearly classist commenters at The Slot’s link seem to see themselves as the “One,” the “exception,” the A.K.A. “Uncle Tom,” or should we say, Clarence Thomas, but in the white classism sphere.  They pulled themselves up out of the racist white rural South [South is always the default geographical location even though I saw and talked to so many racist white people in New England that it wasn’t even entertaining, and many of the commenters at The Slot are placing themselves in the Rust belt, but still, I have to point out that everyone loves to shit on the South for doing exactly what they are doing] by their bootstraps and by God they learned how to catch a city bus and order Starbucks without a country accent! They even use whitening toothpaste and suppress their sexual urges for their first cousin once removed.

Fuck right off, you classist, racist, sexist asshole.

The same behavior from “Woke” white people is revealed when anything and I mean anything is mentioned about Iggy Azalea [Using Iggy Azalea does not imply/infer that I support her behavior.  She is simply an example]. Abusing Azalea is cathartic and safe. The “Woke” white people get extra slices of cake, often from black people for sticking it to Iggy and they also earn anti-racist points. Those points can go a long way when they are delivering anecdotes about how superior they are to the rest of their rural family who never manage to pull themselves up and learn how to use a bus transfer.  Moreover, who can blame black people; particularly black women for criticizing Iggy Azalea?  After all, black women are human, and are capable of seeing the injustice with her promotion.  Hell, it has to feel good to have some support outside of the black community at times, and “Woke” white people are capitalizing on this.

But, that’s not my argument.

My argument is the “Woke” white people who attack Iggy for a couple of reasons. I’ve mentioned this behavior before, here.  “Woke” white people get to behave in a sexist matter and not be called out on it because the target is Iggy.  “Woke” white people get to accumulate anti-racism points when targeting Azalea because they appear to be fighting in the name of anti-appropriation (“woke” white people don’t care two straws about Iggy appropriating anything.  If they did, none of them would ever let up on Eminem or any other white male rapper.)

No, the pleasure gained by beating up on Azalea comes from Iggy’s femaleness, low-class signifiers, and hanging out with black people (mostly black men).

So many people love to beat up on women [sexism] (all women.  Here, at AROOO, defaulted women is not white women, but women)  and who makes a better target than “a piece of female white trash,” that “woke” white people can capitalize on.

Lower class status is always an easy target [classism], as you see by comments on The Slot article.

And ……ding  ….ding …ding ….ding, by targeting Iggy so viciously, there is an attempt to punish her for failing to uphold her whiteness.  It’s okay to have black friends, but it’s just a NO, a big fat punishing no if you immerse yourself and surround yourself with black people [racism] all the time.  For that, “Woke” white people must drag her endlessly.  How dare she jeopardize whiteness like that by electing to prefer the company of non-whites.


Remember, Classism, Racism, and Sexism all are fed and watered by the same roots.

Never underestimate how the oppressor will re-purpose.

Never underestimate how the oppressor will re-purpose.

Never underestimate how the oppressor will re-purpose.

If you want to do something about Trump’s racist policies, do something.  Finding a way  to hierarchize yourself over others does nothing for anything systematically.   It does stroke your individual ego though and it upholds, racism, classism, and sexism.  Well done.

Fact: My Lived Experiences

May 11, 2018

I know it would be easier for you to believe that religion is the base of my belief that males cannot become females, because it will make your argument to invade female spaces easier because all the cool kids are always up to piling on the religious folks.

But guess what?

I have never been an active member of a church.

I have never identified with a particular religion.

I don’t sympathize with religious fanatics.

Although I don’t think it is a bad thing that people have moved away from religion as guidance, I feel like without some type of non-religious substitute our society will be nothing but a moral-less (morals as in right and wrong, not as in what a religion says is right or wrong) and hedonistic cesspool.

I’ve never been victimized by a man in the name of religion.

I did not grow up going to church.

I did not grow up with parents reading, suggesting that I read, or anything to do with the Old Testament, the New Testament, The Holy Quran, Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Veda, Tripitakas, Guru Granth Sahib,Torah,Talmud, Kitáb-i-Aqdas, Book of Rites, The Agamas, or Kojiki.

None of these books or their followers had anything to do with forming my perspective.

My mother was a major crime novel reader and never shared what she read.

My father was a big time European folktale reader, western and eastern Europe and he often shared these stories with his children.

I do not support males who pretend to be females because males are not females.

I do not support males who pretend to be females because males, as a class have at one time or another hurt my mother, my sister, my daughter, and me. I cannot say the same has happened to any of us by females.

When I was stalked for months, and not in the contemporary use of the word that simply applies to someone who looked up my Facebook page, but stalked-stalked, the perpetrator was a male. When my daughter was stranger raped (an incident that introduced a lifetime of anxiety), the perpetrator was a male. When my mother had to shoot a neighbor who would not leave her alone when my father was away on business, that neighbor was a male. When the maintenance man raped my sister and pistol whipped her and left her for dead, the perpetrator was male. When my best friend was raped from 5 to 14 years old, the perpetrator was her father, a male, and the rape only stopped because he died from a massive heart attack, and thankfully before he had a chance to impregnate her with his pedophile rapist sperm.

My opinion about suspicious men has been formed by male behavior. It has nothing to do with religion.

There are many women out there just like me. We know that men who wear drag and demand that everyone call them women are only doing so for selfish and deviant reasons.

These men are not like gay men who had to fight for their right to be left alone. Although gay men can be incredibly sexist, you would be hard pressed to find a gay man who is an active menace toward women the way trannies are.

Funny how science, biological fact is being cloaked as a product of religion. Fauxgressives want to ignore science and pretend like biological facts don’t  exist, and religious people are upholding biological facts.

HA! I can’t help but to troll this shit.

Violent Trannie Alert

May 11, 2018

Trannies put the Creep in Creep.

This photo was made available to the public. Free speech photo.

On Turrell Grisham’s facebook page he describes himself as “A person who loves and helps those who need or ask for it #pride gay/pansexual genderfluid.”

A Fayetteville man was sentenced Friday (May 4) to 12 years in prison for sharing child pornography and beating up his infant sister last year.

Turrell Grisham, 19, pleaded guilty in Washington County Circuit Court to 29 counts of sharing child pornography, three counts of engaging children in sexually explicit conduct, second-degree battery and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Fayetteville police initially arrested Grisham in January 2017 after he admitted to beating his 20-month-old sister, according to a preliminary arrest report.

Grisham said he dropped his sister on a stack of binders, struck her in the eye with a baby bottle and pulled her hair, the report said. Grisham told police he went overboard with his punishment while babysitting.

The child suffered bruising and swelling on her right cheek and eye area, as well as bruising to her inner ears, the report said.

Grisham was arrested again in April 2017 after his mother discovered child pornography on his cell phone.

Police searched the phone and found that three teens had sent more than 30 sexually explicit files of themselves to Grisham, according to a preliminary arrest report.

Grisham, who lied about being a minor, also sent several of his own graphic photos to the victims, the report said.

Little Women: A Confession

May 9, 2018

I have never read Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.  Each time I have attempted to read or watch the movie, any version I can’t pay attention more than a few minutes.  It has absolutely no appeal to me.  I can’t even get through the plot summary to attempt an explanation as to why I can’t bother.

The constant hype makes it even more off-putting.

When I tell someone that I love Literature, that I studied it in college, and they bring up Little Women my eyes glaze over like a Mormon wife, and I think of hot coffee and Bailey’s Irish Crème and wonder if Pisces are really prone to becoming drunks if they drink.


“Gender” Reveal Parties Expose Ideological Frauds

May 6, 2018

How can you possibly know a baby’s “gender?”  “Gender” is all about feelings.  <—your theory, not mine.  The baby will have to grow up a little bit and cry out for stereotypical colors like pink and/or blue, girl/boy toys, and/or girls/boys clothing.

Therefore, how can looking at genitalia intrauterine possibly identify the baby’s “gender?”

Oh, I know why, because genitalia are used to recognize sex, biological sex.  All the little frauds out there claiming they support “feelings” being the identifying factor had better not hold or attend a “gender reveal” party or risk revealing yourself as being a big fat fraudulent fool.

Gender is performance, and the only thing a fetus is performing in womb is his or her sex.

Some of the signs ultrasound technicians look for to determine a baby’s sex:

The Hamburger Sign (Girl)

When doing an ultrasound to determine the sex of your baby, an ultrasound technician will actually look for girl genitalia—labia and clitoris. When these are seen, it is often referred to as the “Hamburger Sign” because the clitoris situated between the labial lips looks like a hamburger between two buns, or three lines, where the labia would be the buns of the hamburger and the clitoris would be the meat.


The Erect Penis

Even as a fetus, baby boys can and will have erections. If you happen to be looking with an ultrasound during that time, you will see a very clearly defined penis. This obviously makes identifying a baby boy much easier. Seeing an erection may bother some parents, but don’t worry—it is normal for boys to have erections. You will notice these after birth as well, during diaper changes.

Parents better start thickening their skin now, because when your little Michael, fast forward 45 years, wife, children, McMansion, STEM or military career, retirement, knowing everyone by name at the local social security office because he is there begging and pressuring for a disability check, you need to be prepared for his wrath for falsely identifying him at your “Gender Reveal Party.”

Try not taking it personally when he says, “Die Cis Scum.”  Although that will only be directed toward you, mommy.   Daddy had no choice but to submit to your destruction of Michael-Macaroni (or whatever popular stripper name is being pushed about in 45 years) sense of self.

Keep the axes locked up.

Stupid idiots. Too much money and time on your stupid little simple-minded hands.

Why don’t all of you stop this fucking nonsense? It’s an ugly look. Unattractive. Intellectually grotesque.

What It’s All About

May 6, 2018

I probably should’ve looked around before I started rattling off. Because we all know my love for digression.  No reason to re-invent the wheel.  If you are interested and want to read without all the extra little throw-ins that I love to do, you can go to:

Maternal Deaths in the United States and Reclaiming Feminist Intersectionality

What Anti-Abortion Is All About, Part I

May 5, 2018

Iowa has now made it almost impossible for its female residents to have an abortion.

If you have read my blog long enough, you will see that in the twelve years that I’ve had this blog,  I barely ever talk about abortion.  For the most part, I don’t talk about it because I don’t want to think about it , and because now that I am of an age that I will never need an abortion, it isn’t the first thought on my mind most days.

However, because I have a teenage daughter and a young granddaughter (by my first daughter) , both who may need an abortion one day, I can’t dismiss the necessity in having access to abortion simply because I will no longer be in a situation that calls for an abortion.

I don’t like thinking of needing an abortion because the very thought, as a female is triggering.  I suspect it would be triggering for many women whether she has had an abortion or not.  The reality of being in a position of needing an abortion is weaved right there in our female biology.  Females can and do become pregnant.  Females are females, thus women because of their biological sex.  Any argument bringing in infertile women to justify identifying a male as a woman is nothing more than pointing to an outlier and assigning it as a characteristic of the majority. Regardless of how unfortunate it is for a woman who wants children not be able to become pregnant, it does not negate the fact that the majority of childbearing age women can get pregnant.  Just a digression, but I am specifically referring to how trannies attempt to appropriate the reality of infertile females to justify their claim that they (as males) are really females because they are just like the infertile females.  Hunny, no.  Trannies cannnot get pregnant because they are males.

Because females are in fact human and capable of higher thought, something half the population (males) have treated them of being incapable of doing, many of these childbearing age women may not wish to be pregnant.  Hence, the need for abortion.

You can argue that women use abortion as birth control, you can argue about women not being responsible by having unprotected consensual sex with males, you can argue about how a pregnant woman should suffer the consequences for not abiding by the rules that a patriarchal society has attempted to dictate to her, and none of those arguments will do anything but reveal what a tool for the patriarchy that you are.

The technology is there to perform abortions, just as technology has created a pill for old drunk males to get a hard dick.  I could argue that if a man’s dick can no longer get hard then it is nature’s way of telling him to fuck off and die.  But  in all honesty I could never lay that at Nature’s feet.  Most impotence is due to a stupid sod thinking his body can outwit man-made spirits (i.e. alcohol).  Instead of leaving the alcohol alone or spending countless hours digging into his subconscious and trying to figure out why he is compelled to self-medicate, it’s easier for his ass to take a pill.  Lazy fucks.  Laziness is scrawled in the bones of these men.

Anyway, my default answer about the attitude of anti-abortionists used to fall in one of the three categories (none of the three discuss abortion needed because of rape or incest because I’m not going to dignify that proposed refusal with an argument. It’s bad enough that women are denied abortions, but to deny her an abortion in cases of rape and incest is not only insane, it’s an attempt to force women to accept the minimum.  In other words, if they threatened to take away abortion for rape and incest then we will be more willing to negotiate abortion needed from consensual sex.  NO.  Just NO!):

  1. Anti-abortionists want an endless supply of underclass in order to fight wars that make rich men richer. The rich, and the middle class who adore the rich,  don’t want to have to resort to sending their own children to war.
  2. Anti-abortionists want to punish women for not being virginal. Which has always been insane, because a woman didn’t make herself pregnant.  Not only that, if she did “do it right,” and waited until marriage and had children, when that ends in one big “cock-up,” somehow that would be her fault as well. Which also means they don’t want women to have the freedom to have sex with any males other than a husband, because husband means ownership/containment.
  3. Anti-abortionists believe they should be able to tell women what to do with their bodies, because women are second-class humans. Essentially anti-abortionists would like to dictate every detail about a woman’s reproduction. When she can have sex, when she can get pregnant, how many children she can have, —I would not be surprise if males were to come up with a reproduction guide based on some arbitrary algorithm some porn-hub-politician created after a drunken night of trying to spew his Viagra enabled semen in some poor woman’s face.

Since I believe 2 & 3 are standard practices among patriarchal minded males and their handmaidens, I have typically settled with 1 as being the fuel that drives the whole anti-abortion movement.  When there is sexism, there is classism and racism.  When there is racism, there is classism and sexism.  When there is classism, there is racism and sexism.  The trio is as predictably revolting as celery, carrots, and onions are mandated in many of the blandest recipes offered in Good Housekeeping.

Having that in mind, the question remains, why in particular are anti-abortionists so fucking hateful, to the point of being master sadists? I mean why would you force a woman to have a pregnancy she clearly does not want?  Why are so many males and their handmaidens determined to make abortion illegal? Why, when a simple technological procedure can grant a woman’s choice within minutes?

More in my next posts.