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Give Aimée Lutkin a Cookie, or Better Yet, Some Avocado Toast

February 5, 2018

People don’t menstruate, FEMALES, A.K.A. Women, do.

But hey, got to include the menz (the ones pretending to be women, and the ones who are women pretending to be men)…….or, you know, they may murder someone.  Can’t change sex!

Report: One in Five Menstruating People in Scotland Are Unable to Afford Period Products




February 5, 2018

Who exactly needs reminding of humanity and suffering?


Who is this proverbial “we” who needs “art to pull us away from our devices….”


As if suffering can only be felt or experienced if it is brought to “our” attention.





December 13, 2017

Fingerlings are currently this year’s Christmas hot-trend toy.

I think it is a product for normalizing pedophilia.  Yes, I know, once again Kitty jumps from 1 to 492,233 without filling in all the steps.



  1. The minute bits of explanation demanded by the obtuse to convey understanding, but really a means to dismiss meaningful content revealed by the Cassandras of the patriarchy.

Unfortunately, you must deal with how I’m an INTJ (it’s hard for us to do steps), have a slight learning disability that inhibits expressing the patterns that draw my conclusions, my need to blanket everything in humor even though I am consciously aware of the confusion (and disdain) it causes, and the reality of the masses (particularly men) blaming every expressed anti-porn thought on the prude-ness of the questioning woman and not of the inventor/creator (regardless if the creator is non-Western or non-male) of whatever is being criticized and pointed out as normalizing porn/pedophilia and overall harmful debauchery.  Yeah, that.

Slime on Nickelodeon and any other of form of liquid goo shot in someone’s face falls into the same ballpark.  There is nothing funny about it.  The Humbert Humbert’s of the world ejaculate in their pajama pants while routinely watching reruns of nickelodeon sliming episodes.  You don’t think the man who came up with that gem didn’t have a purpose?  Let’s put him on a sofa and force him to examine his darkest thoughts and blame all of his protest on his deep-seeded need to be the center of attention.  Or we could just call it hysteria.


Slip the “l” into Fingerlings to the pedophiles delight.

Oh how clever they get to hide in plain sight.


Yes, I am a gatekeeper for children.   Someone has to be.

And if you missed my point, it’s the name of the product that I have a problem with.

Man Flu, A.K.A. R68.11

December 12, 2017

Making the headlines today is how supposedly men actually do have an additional ailment when sick with the cold/flu.  That ailment being the “Man Flu.”  That’s right.

Of course a man did the research on this “condition.”

My complaint is the name given to the condition.  Man flu?  Really.  We all know what it really should be called.

Whiny Prick Syndrome.  When billing for reimbursement use the ICD-10 code R68.11.


November 30, 2017

So many women (females) are wasting time on trannies.  They justify it by saying, “Trannies are stripping women of our rights.”  This is true to a certain extent.  Fighting trannies is political and shouldn’t take any more energy than fighting any other political concern, yet, trannies are centered.  But just like “rescuing a dog [or cat],” I think it is all an excuse not to focus on and help women specifically.  There are thousands and thousands of women in your community who need your help, your energy, but a blind eye is turned to them, always.

I remember one of the very first so-called “feminist” blogs I read some thirteen years ago, was from a woman who was telling a story about how she thinks her neighbor and the woman’s children was being abused.  She wanted to help but didn’t want to get involved.  In the end, her solution was to call Child Protective Services.  What a fucking idiot.  When I commented and asked, “Have you ever offered to watch the children for an hour or so to give her a break?  Or offered to make her a meal?” my comment was deleted without reason.  Probably I was blocked, I don’t remember.  I remember getting the message I wasn’t welcomed.

Finding an excuse not to help a woman is so easy when you have been conditioned your whole life to blame women.  She could’ve done this, or should do that, or refuse to do this, she needs to help herself…………blah blah blah blah blah the fuck blah.  Often I believe a lot of young women have unplanned children subconsciously because if she doesn’t, no one will give a fuck about her. Males can go into their late 20’s and there will always be some woman, relative, or female-relative willing to help him out, give him a leg up.  I see it on my local Facebook garage sale site.  Let a young woman say she needs to move or get the hell out or find a means to support herself or children if she has any and she is floored with, “KFC/Taco Bell is hiring.” Then let some fucker who looks like he just got release from prison say quasi-humbly, “I will take anything.  I just need help getting on my feet,” and a fucking outpouring of support comes flooding in.  Case in point, the homeless vet who gave the couple his last $20 for fuel.  Last I heard, his GoFundMe was at $393,631.00.  It’s mostly a woman who is helping him. That’s what a lot of women do, they help men and ignore women in need.  Let some mother say she has been abused and need to leave, and crickets from strangers.  A man may assist a little bit if he wants to fuck her, and then after that happens he will disappear. Or let some girl say she needs assistance getting into to college, and the answer will be, “There are resources, she needs to get off her ass and find them.”  Nice.  Just like all the resources social services claimed was available when my daughter’s ex-husband kept calling CPS on her!  “I’m sorry but we have to investigate every single case, regardless of  why or who reported it.”  Yeah, fuck you, you power tripping sanctimonious assholes. You chased my first born into an early grave.

Are there women out there that act entitled after you have helped them?  Yes, there are.  I recently hosted a woman in my home, a childhood friend of 40 years, just for it to end badly, because I refuse to tolerate any other behavior towards me other than kindness and respect.   She needed a break from her shitty and lazy ass grown fucking sons.  The youngest 25, blew his kidney out because he is fat and lazy.  Save the anti-fat-shaming rhetoric.  This young man is fatter than a cow because he is extremely lazy, refuses to eat anything but fast-food, and will not do anything productive, including filling out the paperwork so the medical van will pick him up and take him to dialysis three times a week so his mother won’t have to worry about where the gas money and/or bus fare will come from.  The fat bastard was even too lazy to stand in line for the free one-time SNAP benefit the government was giving out without any type of investigation after the recent hurricanes.  That benefit alone could’ve gotten them through Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But, it wasn’t for fast-food so he didn’t care.

It’s not like she is obligated to let him live with her.  He was out fucking off and not listening to anyone when he destroyed his kidneys.  Yet, this same woman will not open her house for her daughter and her daughter’s children even though it is clear the daughter’s husband is treating her like shit.  The main thing is that he is going behind her back and giving a lot of money to his mother.   None of any of that is my business however.  My business is my dependents and me.

So I tell her, come and visit me.  It will be nice to have someone to talk to while I pack, and someone to walk with every evening.  Nope, didn’t turn out like that.  Apparently, even though I am currently receiving zero dollars and zero cents in alimony (that doesn’t start until I get out of his house, and thankfully, due to the help of a friend, and a small settlement, that will happen within the next three weeks), all she could see was the size of our house and see that the utilities were being paid.  Of course they fucking are, it’s called a divorce agreement.  It’s called I’m not going to get fucked over because my limp dick ex-husband decided he wanted to regress to the days of sitting on the porch after work and drinking and smoking until it was time to pass out, oh, and run to the dried up drunk that he boinked in high school for masculine reassurance.  Rinse and repeat all week.

Yeah, fuck off prick.

Anyway, she gets here and refuses to walk every evening.  One evening she actually told me she would walk if I took her to Popeye’s afterwards.  I couldn’t fucking believe it.  She told my granddaughter that her sweater was ugly.  Who says that to a seven year old? Even if I could forgive that, overall she refused to talk or listen.  It was  her phone 24/7 with no interest in anything but what her sons were doing back at home. It’s not like I didn’t tell her flat out I needed a cheerleader, an old friend while I go through this shit.  After that, I told her thanks for the visit, but she will need to secure her return flight immediately.  None of that is what ended the friendship.  What ended the friendship was what I found when I was bringing her luggage downstairs (because, not only were the stairs an inconvenience, she couldn’t possibly be expected to carry her own luggage since she is on disability due to her diabetes.) I found six pieces of my clothing in her luggage.  That’s right.  After I gave her so many of my things, because I have been purging like a maniac, she still felt the need to steal clothes out of my closet.  What made me suspect is when I went around the room to make sure she didn’t leave anything I saw six empty clothes hangers on the closet floor.  I don’t keep empty hangers in the closet. All empty hangers must go straight to the laundry room at all times. My mind was racing, and then finally I decided to open her suitcase and look. There were my clothes.  Including the very blouse I wore to my daughter’s funeral.  She asked me if she could have that blouse, and I told her no.  That there was another blouse exactly like that one but in another color that she could have, and she did take that one, so what was the purpose of stealing the one that I told her no?  Anyway, enough of that.  I got her to the airport and I haven’t talked to her since, –over two months ago.  Either respect me or get out of my face. But, it still begs the question, why is the line drawn at a woman’s behavior and men are allowed to behave badly and receive charity and consideration. This woman steals from me (a woman who is having to start from nothing), but can’t stop thinking about her grown ass sons. I had to wrestle the truth out of her about stealing the clothes.  Her only explanation was that she wanted to look nice when she took her son to dialysis and church. She came here with more clothes than I have. Unbelievable.

It all had me thinking about how much is centered on TRANNIES.  TRANNIES TRANNIES TRANNIES! Do you know, I now know in real life a woman whose husband left her because, boo hoo hoo, she wouldn’t accept his transition.  By the way, apparently she won’t accept him robbing their finances either.  It has been working up to be a quite dramatic divorce.  Frankly, he can die in a fire.

Then, there is this show that I started watching on Acorn.  I have to wait for a new episode each week instead of being allowed to binge watch.  It’s called Love, Lies, and Records.  The first episode was interesting enough to look forward to the second episode.  But, what happens in the second episode, sigh.  Trannie! There’s an evil woman who keeps calling “Jaime,” James.  Said, evil woman refuses to perform same-sex marriages.  Yet the male on the show, tells the Trannie, “Nice legs.” Message: The males are so tolerant, and the females are the haters.  The main character is a woman who is imposed upon by the trannie, who incidentally is her subordinate.  However, how hip is she?  She has been in a relationship for over 14 years without being married, and is cool with same-sex couples and trannies.  Which by the way, if they wanted to show us how she accepting she is  with same-sex couples why couldn’t that same sex couple be two women?  Instead, it is two men, one as it happens was previously married to a woman, and his ex-wife and their two sons are at the wedding being so supportive.   How much you want to bet he was cheating on his wife with his “soulmate” the whole time they were married. You want to impress me.  Have a female same-sex couple getting married with the ex-husband there supporting her, and that support is genuine and not some third-wave “humorous” irony of he is there because he is hoping to get in bed with both of them.

Trannies are males.  I can just imagine how happy trannies are that they are getting so much attention.

I juggle the life of a real woman.

Yeah. Focusing on real women is too much real work.



August 28, 2017

Originally posted April 17, 2010. 

In my opinion, it’s not exactly constructive to point out to someone who has moved beyond a dangerous habit or addiction that she always had the choice never to indulge in that dangerous habit or addiction from the beginning.  Surely, if a person has quit engaging in whatever unsavory behavior is in question, she is already aware that she could have disengaged sooner or never begun at all.  I mean, people who aren’t aware that they have agency, the power to effect change in their lives – well, they don’t go on to change their lives for the better, do they?

So, when you’ve got a woman, a former addict, a formerly prostituted woman, a formerly heterosexually “liberated” woman, what have you, who decides to discuss her painful past, perhaps even describe some of the thought processes that AT THE TIME seemed to justify her behavior (obviously, she’s aware that these thought processes DON’T justify the behavior, which is why she’s now changed both her thought processes AND her behavior), what purpose could it possibly serve to point out to such a woman that she was wrong?  What purpose could it possibly serve to stress that she CHOSE to put herself in harm’s way, that, in living the life she lived, she CHOSE to be an obstacle in the path of other women who wanted to live differently?  I mean, we’re talking about a woman who made a conscious decision to change her life and even, just hypothetically,  offer resources to encourage others who would like to follow suit and praise those who were on the right path all along.  Surely, such a woman already knows that her former lifestyle was chosen, that it was harmful to her and to other women.

So, what danger is there in such a woman looking back with some modicum of pity, or sympathy, or even empathy on her former self?  What danger is there if such a woman wants to look on her former self, not as a monster who consciously jeopardized the well-being of female people as a class, but as an injured and exploited woman that eventually grew into political consciousness?  I’m not talking about a woman who makes justifications for her current anti-female behavior.  I’m talking about a woman who took enough responsibility for her past actions to willfully change the course of her life, but who still looks back and in many ways identifies with women who are now where she used to be.

What’s the point of telling that woman what she already had to know in order to pull herself out of those destructive habits?  I’m seriously asking, because I can’t think of anything other than either viciousness or untreated clinical-grade social ineptitude.  And I say that as a woman who finds it extremely problematic to continue to identify with those who are currently acting out female-hating behaviors.  That is to say that I don’t personally identify with the black-female-hating woman I used to be.  I don’t see it as my purpose to ensure that women who are, right now, obliviously black-female-hating come to see the error of their ways.  I don’t see it as my purpose to teach them to love themselves, or encourage them change their lives.  You see, every minute I could spend on women who in all likelihood will never turn away from the benefits of a black-female-hating lifestyle is a minute that I’m not spending on those of us who already get it.  And in a black-female-hating atmosphere, those of us who get it need more attention that those who still get some sustenance from the larger society.  Plus, I know from my own experience that there’s nothing I could say or give to them that would change their minds anyway.  They have to make the decision to change on their own.

But I still can’t see the point of telling (loudly and repeatedly) a woman who does look back and identify with those past behaviors, problematic as that is, that she made CHOICES that were detrimental to herself and others.  After all, the fact that she moved beyond that lifestyle to make different choices is a testament to the fact that she KNOWS they were choices AND she KNOWS they were harmful.

Feminist Reprise

July 23, 2017